Powerful Dua To Make Someone Marry You (100% Effective)


Are you deeply in love with someone? Do you want to marry someone you like? Do you want to spend the rest of your life with someone you adore? Well, if you love someone and wish to spend your life with him/ her and the person is unaware of your feelings, then dua to make someone marry you is the best solution for you. The wazifa to make someone marry you will help you in making a divine connection with that person and he/she will find you as their soul mate and soon propose to you for marriage.

Wazifa To Make Someone Marry You

Dua To Make Someone Love You And Marry You

If you want to marry someone of your choice and make that person think of you as you think of him/her, then wazifa to make someone marry you when getting married to the person you want will certainly work in your favor. The dua will never disappoint you and bring you closer to the person you want to marry. It will create mutual feelings in that person’s heart and soon things will fall into place and you will be married to him/her. Love marriages are difficult in a Muslim society but if you recite the dua to make someone marry you with the right intentions and clarity in heart, then you will certainly get what you desire.

Marrying someone you love may not be a very great thing in the eyes of your parents. If your parents are against your decision of love marriage but you still want to marry someone of your choice then dua when getting married to the person you want will bring you some peace. It will convince your parents and they will accept your choice. The dua to make someone marry you and love you will change the perspective of your parents and relatives towards love marriage and they will agree with your decision.

Procedure To Perform Dua To Make Someone Marry You

  • You should get clean and put on some white clothes first.
  • Say verse 15 of Surah Al-Baqarah of the Holy Quran after it.
  • The following dua must be recited at least 100 times: “Allahumma layyin qalbi fulan binti fulan kama layyintil hadidi li sayyidina Da`ud alayhis `salam”
  • Rabbi inni lima anzalta ilayya min khairin faqir must be recited 23 times.
  • Now is the time to pray to Allah for guidance to marry your love.
  • The above dua to make someone marry you should be recited daily for 21 days. Your hope will be granted inshallah.

Wazifa To Marry someone You Love

Today’s generation thinks that if they have to spend their life with someone, then the decision to choose their marriage partner should be solely theirs. If you think that someone is perfect to become your life partner, then you should recite wazifa to marry the person you love to convince that person to marry you. Allah Talah will remove all the hindrances from your dream marriage and soon you will be able to marry someone of your choice. If there are any other complications involved in your marriage, they will also get resolved. The wazifa will yield quick results to you.

Wazifa To Marry The Person You Love

It is essential to discuss the process of wazifa to make him marry you when getting married to the person you want from our molvi sahab and then proceed to perform it. Once you are clear with the procedure, you shall perform it without making any mistakes. Marrying someone you want isn’t a bad thing. It is fully permissible in Islam and hence if things aren’t going as per your planning, then you can definitely perform dua for someone you love when getting married to the person you want to bring the situation in your control. Make sure you have chosen a Muslim boy or girl for your marriage or the dua will not work for you.

How To Perform Wazifa To Make Someone Marry You

  • The dua should be recited before going to sleep.
  • Make ablution and recite surah Al-Ikhlas 41 times
  • Then recite Ayat-ul-Kursi 21 times
  • Then make dua to Allah Talah to help you marry the person you want.
  • Insha Allah, soon you will see that news of your marriage with that person will come to you and things will start falling into place

Recite this dua for at least 21 days. And in case, you have any query or questions related to it, then feel free to come to our Molvi Noor Mohammad Ji for it.

dua for when you want to marry someone

When you wish to marry someone and seek Allah’s guidance and blessings in this important decision, you can make a specific dua from your heart. Remember to be sincere and earnest in your supplication. Here is a sample dua:

اللهم إني أسألك خيارها وخيار ما جبلتها عليه، وأعوذ بك من شرها وشر ما جبلتها عليه.

Translation: “O Allah, I ask You for the best in her and the best in the qualities with which You have endowed her. I seek refuge in You from her evil and the evil with which You have endowed her.”

This dua shows that you want a good, suitable partner and that you want to be safe from harm. You can change the words of this prayer to fit your own thoughts and feelings. Be honest and humble as you say your hopes, dreams, and wishes.

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