7 Powerful Dua For Love Between Husband and Wife 4.8 (123)

Dua For Love Between Husband and Wife

The relation of husband and wife is the most typical relationship in the entire world. Any misunderstanding between them will not only destroy the relationship of husband and wife but will destroy the family of both husband and wife. The dua for love between husband and wife will help in bringing back the lost love …

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3 Powerful Dua For Spouse From Quran 4.8 (79)

Dua For Spouse

As Salam Alay Kum, We welcome all our brothers and sisters to our page! We assume that your life is just in the starting phase and you are possibly looking for a partner who can walk this life along by your side with you. But, a lot of people have difficulty in finding their desired …

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Dua For Getting Good Husband In Quran 4.7 (56)

Dua For Getting Good Husband

Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh to our Beloved Islamic Nuskhe Readers, If You Want Dua For Getting Good Husband, Then you are at Right Place. We ensure you find many Dua in the proper Halal Method, which can help you find a good husband.  If you pray to Allah with a clean heart and a focused mind, …

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Dua For Husband To Listen To His Wife 4.6 (78)

Dua To Make Husband Listen To Wife

It is a dream come true for a wife to know that her husband trusts in her, rely on her for every big and small thing of his life. if your partner doesn’t trust you with his life, then there is definitely something wrong with your relationship. It is important that you fill your relationship …

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Which Surah To Read for Husband Love 4.9 (98)

Which Surah To Read for Husband Love

As-Salam Alay Kum, We welcome all our Muslim sisters to our portal who miss the affection of their husband. Indeed it is the love of the husband which keeps the wife going. Sometimes your husband is very loving and caring, but some of our Muslim sisters don’t get the love they deserve from their husbands. …

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Powerful Dua For husband And Wife (2023) 5 (1)

Dua for Husband and Wife Relationship

As Saalam Alay Kum, We welcome our brothers and sisters to our portal. Well, when you hear about indifference between a husband and wife, you advise them with many ways to make it better. But, the most effective way to remove the indifferences is the dua for good relationship with husband or wife mentioned in …

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Powerful Dua To Bring Husband and Wife Closer (100% Effective) 5 (1)

Dua To Bring Husband Wife Closer

Many people suffer in arranged marriages. When the husband and wife have different views and ideas, it becomes tough to continue their lives on the same track. Especially it is becoming more difficult for wives. It creates a gap between husband and wife. Husband starts avoiding his wife because of this gap. There is always …

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Islamic Dua To Change Husband’s Heart 5 (1)

Dua To Change Husband's Heart

If you feel lonely even after your marriage, then surely your husband is not giving you sufficient time and love. The loneliness with your husband along with you is the worst feeling for a wife. But, you don’t have to suffer from this feeling all your life. You can recite dua to change husband’s heart …

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Powerful Dua To Reunite Husband And Wife 0 (0)

Dua To Reunite With A Loved One

As-Salam Alay Kum, We are here to introduce and guide you about the dua to reunite husband and wife. The dua to reunite with a loved one is a magical dua. It is taken from the Islamic Scriptures – The Holy Quran. As Muslims, you must know Allah Subhan Wa Taala has mentioned the solution …

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Wazifa for Husband To Come Back 5 (1)

Wazifa For Husband To Come Back

 Fights and arguments are very common in every married couple. In a lot of situations, the fights go out of hand and the husband decides to leave their wife in anger. Decisions taken in anger are often regretted later. The wife whose husband has decided to leave her feels helpless in this situation. Muslim women …

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