Powerful Dua To Solve Marriage Problems 4.9 (67)

Dua For Marriage problems

Every marriage encounters problems in some phase of their married life. However, when a crisis comes, one should get overwhelmed. And react aggressively instead. The couples should logically resolve the problem, apart from understanding and taking steps to combat the matter. It would be best if you also made dua for marriage problems. Remember, you … Read more

Powerful Dua For Immediate Marriage Proposal (Dua For Rishta Acceptance) 5 (3)

If your parents are no more and you had your younger siblings to handle first, and you got them married before you, but now you want to tie a knot, then the best option is to recite dua for getting married. The dua for marriage proposal will help you find a suitable bride or groom … Read more

Powerful Dua To Get Married To a Specific Person You Want 4.3 (878)

dua for marriage with a loved one

Aslam Walikum to everyone, If you are looking for a Dua To Get Married To The Person You Want, get this Islamic solution from us. The feeling of love is something everyone must be able to experience. A few of us are lucky enough to have found the perfect person for our entire life.If you … Read more

8 Powerful Dua To Convince Parents For Love Marriage 4.9 (97)

Dua To Convince Parents For Love Marriage

Loving someone is easy by living by your promise to marry your lover is tough. Yes, even in the modern society of today, love marriages aren’t so simple. Parents still don’t approve of such marriages and they never accept the choice of their kids. Even now, mothers disrespect the choice of their kids and treat … Read more

3 Powerful Dua For Good Life Partner 4.9 (89)

Dua For Good Life Partner

Every husband wants a good and lovable wife in his life. Similarly, a wife also likes a good and caring husband. Both husband and wife can perform this dua for good life partner in Quran. This is a situation in which the wife suffers more than the husband. Most wives would never put up with their husbands’ rudeness. … Read more

5 Tested Dua To Be Loved And Respected By Everyone 4.8 (190)

Dua To Be Loved And Respected By Everyone

As Salam Alay Kum, Welcome to our portal Rohani Ways. Here we shall help you find the best way to seek ALLAH’s blessing so that you find respect at your in-laws house. This dua to be loved and respected by everyone from Quran will encourage your husband and his family to treat you with love, respect, … Read more

Nikah Ki Dua – Dua For Nikah Ceremony in English 4.8 (156)

Nikah Ki Dua

Nikah is an auspicious day in the life of a person. Every boy and girl desires to have a dream wedding and an amazing life ahead. However, not everyone may be lucky enough to get it. But, if you are going to get married soon, then the best thing you can do is recite to … Read more

Dua for Newly Married Couple In Urdu 4.8 (89)

Dua For Newly Married Couple

As Salam Alay Kum, We welcome all Muslim brothers and sisters to our website who are newly married and wish to make their marriage a paradise on earth. Indeed, it is the satisfaction of a relationship that establishes peace and happiness in one’s life. Dua For Married Couple In Urdu If you are not happy … Read more

Acha Rishta Aane Ki Dua – Jaldi Acha Rishta Milne Ka Wazifa 4.5 (178)

Acha Rishta Aane Ki Dua – Rishta Milne Ki Dua in English

Sahi umar mein shadi ho jana na sirf har waldain ka khwab hota hai balki har ladka aur ladki bhi yahi khwahish rakhte hai ki wo jald se jald apne jeevan sathi se mil jaye. van sathi se mil jaye. Ye deeni lihaz se bhi bahot behtar hai kyuki isse aap zina aur love relationship … Read more

Most Powerful Dua For Marriage Soon in Islam ( marriage Dua 2023) 4.9 (56)

Dua For Marriage Soon

Everyone wants to get settled in their life at the right age. If someone sees their co-workers and friends getting married, it is obvious for them to find their soulmate. In our religion, there are many duas for marriage in the holy Quran. Most people get the benefits of reading the dua for marriage soon.  … Read more