Most Powerful Dua For Marriage Soon in Islam ( marriage Dua 2023)


Everyone wants to get settled in their life at the right age. If someone sees their co-workers and friends getting married, it is obvious for them to find their soulmate. In our religion, there are many duas for marriage in the holy Quran. Most people get the benefits of reading the dua for marriage soon. 

However, not everyone has a similar fate. You may not be able to marry at the exact age of your friend. But, if you wish to get married as soon as possible and want to start your family, you should recite dua for getting married. The dua for getting married soon will help you find a suitable proposal without wasting any more time in your life.

Powerful Halal Marriage Dua in Islam

Delay in marriage is a huge problem for men and women. Not being able to find a suitable marriage proposal and getting married at the right time can take a toll on a person’s peace of mind. The most powerful dua for getting married soon is one of the best duas for getting married. It is the most effective prayer that will help a person in finding their destined life partner. 

The age factor usually implies for the girls. Many people still believe that girls should get married at the right age. They believe that they might not get suitable marriage proposals for themselves after crossing a certain age. If your sister or daughter is getting overaged, you should recite this dua to get married soon.

We’ve gathered a list of wazifas that can be recited to get married soon

  • After Jummah prayers on Friday, pray two Rakat namaz (similar to Fajr) and then enter Sajdah and recite Surah Muzzammil 21 times.
  • After the tasbeeh, recite the tasbih of Bibi Fatima Zehra (34 times Allah’s Akbar, 33 times Alhamdollillah, 33 times Subhan Allah) and 11 times durood Shareef.
  • Then, recite the following Surahs: Taha, Shu-ara, Namal, Qasas, Yasin, and Shu-ara.
  • Recite Bismillah 19 times, then read Surah Tauba (verse 129) 1100 times.


Dua When Getting Married

Dua For Getting Marriage Soon

If you are someone who wishes to get the best marriage proposals for yourself, you can read the dua to get married. This dua for getting married soon or dua to get married soon will help you convey all your expectations to the Almighty. You can consult our Islamic scholar for finding out the most suitable one of the marriage dua to get married soon for yourself. 

We are now going to share with you how to perform the dua to get married soon. You have to follow the stepwise process of the dua for getting married soon to get the best benefits as soon as possible.

  • You have to begin with sitting in a clean and quiet room after performing ablution. 
  • Keep a bowl full of water and keep it before your prayer mat. 
  • Begin reciting the Durood Shareef 11 times.
  • Now, recite the 24th verse of the Surah Taha 101 times. 
  • End the process with 11 more recitations of Durood Shareef.
  • At last, take a sip of the water you kept earlier and then wash your face and hands with the same. 

To get the best results from this dua for marriage, perform it for at least 21 days. 

Dua For Daughter To Get Married Soon

The dua for daughter to get married soon is a very powerful prayer that will help you marry someone of your choice. With true happiness and faith, you will be able to marry the person you love the most. You can learn more about performing the dua to marry someone of your choice by getting in touch with our Islamic scholar.  

Just like the dua for daughter’s marriage is suggested by Islamic scholars. All those people who wish their daughter to married soon should not waste any time in reading the dua for early marriage. People who wish to marry a specific person can recite the wazifa or dua for marriage.  

If a grown-up girl is not receiving an offer of marriage, her father should pray dua for daughter’s marriage, read the stepwise procedure mentioned below:  

  • Perform ablution to cleanse yourself before performing the wazifa for marriage in 3 days.  
  • Recite the Surah Tauba 100 times followed by Surah Yasin 11 times.  
  • Then, read the 12th chapter from the Holy Quran i.e. Surah Yusuf.  
  • As soon as you complete this process, pray to Allah to bless her with a good life partner.

Reasons Why You Should Perform This Marriage Dua

There may be several reasons why your Marriage isn’t happening, and the first step to getting married is determining the cause of the problem.
These reasons may consist of the following:

  • Sometimes, relatives or friends who wish you ill may have used black magic to destroy your Marriage.
  • Perhaps you have wicked eyes on you and require assistance with Marriage.
  • If negative energy prevents your Marriage, the Dua to get married quickly would be helpful.
  • If your sweetheart has left you and you want them back, the Dua for love back can be of assistance.

These are some potential causes of delays in Marriage, and it is essential to identify the root cause to treat it and proceed with marriage preparations.

Dua For Your Marriage In Islam

“Rabbana hab lana min azwajina wa dhurriyatina qurrata a’yunin wa-jalna lil-muttaqina imama.”

This dua can be recited with sincerity and consistency, seeking Allah’s blessings for a righteous and compatible spouse, as well as a harmonious and blessed marriage.

Benefits of Reciting Dua For Getting Married Soon

  • Dua for marriage asks Allah for help finding a good partner. It emphasises that Allah is the ultimate matchmaker and relies on Him for this life decision.
  • Dua to get married promotes faith and patience. Knowing Allah’s wisdom above human understanding inspires patience and contentment while waiting for the appropriate mate.
  • Trusting and relying on Allah increases one’s spiritual development. This dua for getting married soon provides emotional and mental assistance during the marriage hunt.
  • Knowing Allah hears and answers prayers gives consolation. It calms marriage-related tension and anxiety.

This dua for daughter to get married soon can be recited by mother or father of girl. To know how soon this wazifa gives the desired results, consult our Maulvi Hazrat Noor Mohammad Sahab. If you want to learn about the wazifa for marriage in Hindi, get in touch over call or WhatsApp at +91-9914884919 for the shadi ka wazifa.

Islamic Dua For Marriage

Here is a famous Muslim prayer for marriage:

Rabbi inni lima anzalta ilayya by the grace of God.
رَبِّ إِنِّي لِمَا أَنزَلْتَ إِلَيَّ مِنْ خَيْرٍ فَقِيرٌ

“My Lord, I really am in need of whatever good you would send down to me.”

This dua to get married can be said when looking for a good and lucky person to marry. It says that we need Allah’s direction and asks for His blessings on the road to marriage. Say this prayer with humility and patience, knowing that Allah will give you what you need.

You can also pray and do other acts of worship regularly to ask Allah for help and gifts in your search for a spouse. Remember that prayers are important, but so are practical actions, good goals, and patience when it comes to finding the right partner.

Dua For Bride And Groom

On the occasion of a wedding, it is common in Islam to make dua for the bride and groom to bless them with a happy and prosperous married life. Here is a general dua that you can recite for the bride and groom:

“Barakallahu lakuma wa baraka ‘alaikuma wa jama’a baina-kuma fi khayrin.”

Translation: “May Allah bless you both and shower His blessings upon you, and may He unite you both in goodness.”

You can also make additional personal dua for the couple, asking Allah for their happiness, love, understanding, patience, and a harmonious life together. The above dua is a simple and commonly used one, but you can always customize it to suit your wishes for the newlyweds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Perform Dua For A Happy And Blessed Marriage?

Certainly, seeking Allah’s blessings for a joyful and prosperous marriage is commendable. Reciting “Rabbanā hab lanā min azwājinā wadhurriyyātinā qurrata aʿyunin wa-jʿalnā lil-muttaqīna imāma” (Quran, 25:74) is a dua asking for a spouse and children who bring comfort to the eyes and become leaders of the righteous. 

Is there a simple Islamic prayer to be married quickly?

Dua is an important part of keeping a marriage strong. Pray regularly, like the “Dua for Husband-Wife Relationship”: “Allahumma rabbana hab lana min azwajina wa dhuriyyatina qurrata a’yunin wa-j’alna lil-muttaqina imama.”

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