3 Powerful Dua For Good Life Partner


Every husband wants a good and lovable wife in his life. Similarly, a wife also likes a good and caring husband. Both husband and wife can perform this dua for good life partner in Quran. This is a situation in which the wife suffers more than the husband. Most wives would never put up with their husbands’ rudeness. Husbands often view their women as possessions rather than partners. They can treat them any way they like. People and their wives work like animals. They shout at their wives on every minor issue.

Dua For Getting Good Life Partner

Islam has made the relationship of the wife the most beautiful relationship in this entire world. But people have spoiled this relationship. Dua for good life partner includes dua for spouse, dua for life partner, dua to get good life partner, surah for good life partner, dua for partner, dua for perfect life partner, dua for a good life partner and dua for life partner in Islam.

Dua For Good Life Partner is here-

  • Every day, you must do a five-time salah.
  • After each Salah, recite “Rabbii hableei min ladunkaa zaujaan tayyiiban wayaakoonaa sahibaan lei fiddeeni waduunyaa wal aahiirat” 121 times.
  • Make an effort to pronounce each word correctly.
  • If you make a mistake, repeat Astaghfirullah ten times and begin over.

Every husband is not cruel, but many husbands still make their wives’ lives a living hell. Such wives should take the help of dua for a good life partner in the Quran. It is a very powerful dua it will surely help all such wives dealing with such a problem.

Dua For Best Partner

Like wives, some husbands are also dealing with the same problem. Their wives mistreat them. Their wives don’t respect them. The husband wants love from his wife, and their life becomes very dull if he cannot get it. Husbands can also take the help dua for good life partner.

Dua For Good Life Partner is given below:

  • Both husband and wife can perform this dua.
  • Firstly, the person performing this dua should make all necessary arrangements to achieve this dua correctly.
  • Firstly read Dua after Namaz 2 times.
  • After that, read Dua for a spouse -“Allahumma In Nee Zalamtu Nafsee.”
  • Read this dua 256 times.
  • After that, read Dua e Qunoot 3 times.
  • Then, read Third Kalma 3 times.
  • After that, read Surah Nisa 52 times.
  • Then read Astagfirullah 5 times.
  • After that, read Durood Shareef 6 times.
  • Then read Surah Naas 7 times.
  • Perform this for three days.

Dua For Good Life Partner

Both husband and wife must make their relationship a successful one. If the husband respects his wife, naturally, his family members will also show respect to his wife. The whole environment for the wife depends on the behavior of his husband. If the husband’s family member will behave appropriately with the wife, but the husband misbehaves, it is also not suitable for the wife.

Quranic Dua For getting Good Life Partner:

  •  Perform a fresh ablution and put on new and clean clothes.
  • Then, recite Durood Sharif nine times.
  • Read ‘Rabb anziilniy munazalaan mubaarakan, waa antaa khaayral waaritheen’ (111 times) after that.
    Read Durood Shareef nine times more.
  • Then, pray to Allah, asking for a good spouse and a happy married life.

It is the wife’s duty that she should give respect to both the husband and the family members of her husband. But in return, if she does not get her husband’s love, then it can be very disastrous for the wife. If your husband does not love you naturally, he will get attracted to another woman; it can be hazardous for the wife. This can end the relationship between husband and wife. To save tour relationships from such a peculiar situation wife can recite dua for good spouse in Quran.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Dua Should I Read For Getting Married to the Person I Love?

You can read the Dua of istikhara (seeking Allah’s guidance) to seek His help and blessings in getting married to the person you love. Praying with sincerity and faith can bring positive outcomes.

I Want To Get Married Soon, But All My Proposals Are Getting Rejected. What Should I Do Now?

If facing repeated rejections of marriage proposals, seek Allah’s guidance through sincere dua and prayer. Reflect on personal expectations and be open to different possibilities. Seek advice from family and friends, work on personal growth, and remain patient, trusting that the right partner will come at the right time.

Which Surah in the Quran specifically addresses the role and responsibilities of a husband in a marital relationship?

The verse An-Nisa 4:34 in the Quran discusses the role of a husband as a protector and maintainer of his wife, as well as how to handle situations involving disloyalty. It emphasizes the husband’s responsibility in the relationship and the importance of maintaining a balanced approach to dealing with marital issues.

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