Prayer For My Husband

A Prayer For Husband

In almost every marriage, there comes a time where the husband and wife begin to become distant from each other. This distance is mostly because of the burden of responsibilities they have on their shoulders. A husband has to earn to provide for his family while a woman is responsible for the upbringing and nurturing … Read more

Prayer For Husband Cheating

Prayer For Husband Cheating

Prayer For Husband Cheating We realize how troublesome it seems to realize that your better half is going behind your back with another woman. Also, the most noticeably terrible part is, you can’t do anything, since you come up short on the help and fortitude to prove it. Most of the women are still dependent … Read more

Prayer For Divorce To Stop In Islam

Prayer For Divorce To Stop Divorce is a process in which a wife and a husband end their marriage and begin to live separately. We have all heard that marriage is a commitment of a lifetime. It is also true that these commitments have an unfortunate ending in the form of a divorce. In earlier … Read more

Healing Prayer For Husband – Prayer For Husband Health

Health of the world in the hands of a doctor .

Healing Prayer For Husband When a woman gets married to a man, her rest of the life is spent taking care of her husband and his family. Her whole married life is about the safety and betterment of her spouse. She has to make sure that her husband’s life has no trouble complications and sickness. … Read more