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Dua To Protect My Husband From Another Woman

Dua To Protect My Husband Islam

Is your husband dating another woman? Do you feel insecure because a lot of women are after your husband? Do you think your husband is having an extramarital affair with someone? Are you looking for remedies to protect your Muslim husband from another woman? If yes, then my beloved Islamic sister, you have reached the right place. Here we provide you with the best dua to protect my husband in Islam and make your relationship better.

Islamic Dua To Protect HusbandAs-Salam Alay Kum, Welcome to our portal our beloved sisters! A lot of times, we hear that a husband has left his wife because of his interest in another woman. If you are scared of the flirtatious nature and talkative attitude of your husband and you think that any woman can fall for him because of his very character, then the most effective way to secure your husband from another woman is to practice dua to protect my husband from another woman. The dua is an Islamic procedure to treat the behavior and nature of your husband and unite both of you for eternity.

Shaitan may try to harm your relationship by making your husband fall for another woman. He can distract your husband and make him disloyal to you and ruin your unity by adding a woman in your husband. It will put an end to your happy marital life.

Dua for Husband

If some woman is after your husband and your husband has now started giving her attention, then this is a real worrisome situation. You need to stop this once and for all so that you don’t have any chance of losing your husband to another woman. Use dua for husband for controlling your husband and keeping her away from another woman by following given instructions.

  • Make ablution and sit somewhere clean.
  • Now recite the verses given below 10 times.
  • pray for the protection of your husband from other women interested in him and surely Allah knows best.

Insha Allah, your miseries will end and your husband will become loyal to you. The dua is from the Holy Quran and will definitely enforce betterment in your life. If you have any doubt or query about the procedure, contact us.

All our Muslim sisters to our portal who are hurt because of the deceitful acts of their husbands. We shall help you get the best option to seek Allah Talah’s blessing so that you may earn the loyalty of your husband. The dua for husband will discourage your husband from even looking at any other woman apart from you. It will encourage your husband to love you unconditionally and never seek interest in any other woman.

Sometimes, your husband has a very flirtatious nature which makes him attract every second woman towards him. But, surely it is very tragic for a wife to see her husband involved with another woman. It may hurt her terribly. If her husband is giving his attention to another woman and is not at all caring about how much hurt he is causing to his wife, then dua for husband will benefit you in every way. If your husband has started taking you for granted and has been on a spree to date several women along with you, then such a situation is devastating.

Dua To Protect Husband From Another Woman

Dua To Protect Husband From Another Woman

Often girls from the past enter the life of your husband and try to attract him towards them. This may put your husband in dilemma. Once you start performing dua to protect husband from another woman, He shall definitely choose you over her and never look back at his past. You can continue reciting the dua all your life to prevent this activity from taking place. The Surah al Qariah will bring betterment to your life and add true love, affection, and understanding to your relationship. It will never make your relationship fall apart because of a third person. So, start this today for the betterment of your relationship and make your marriage successful.

Do you wish to control your husband to make him loyal, trustworthy, and truthful to you? Do you want him to always think of you and never imagine anyone else apart from you? or You always doubt that your husband is cheating on you? Do you wish to make your relationship with him stronger, better, and more romantic? Well, if you really want to have an eternal and truthful relationship with your spouse, then you shall need dua for controlling husband to get admiration, faithfulness, and reverence from your husband.

Dua For Husband Protection

We advise you to keep a check on your husband and also plead to the Almighty to bless you with the loyalty of your husband. Every wife prays for her husband’s well-being wants her husband to stay protected and stay safe. If you feel that your husband is not feeling secure and living in fear that someone would do harm to him then you should start reciting dua for husband protection. It is completely permissible in Islam and as a wife, you have all the rights to perform it. Insha Allah, it will change the very protect your husband from any mishappening and he will transform you into a better person.

It is necessary to make your husband realize that he is committing a sin by indulging in foul relationships with another woman. If you have dedicated yourself to him, then he should do the same. It will make him withdraw all his unlawful affairs and he will become loyal to you.

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The procedure for dua for husband protection:

Kul La Yas Tawil Khabiso Wat Tayyibo Walau Aa’ Jabaka Kasratol Khabeesi Fat Takul Laaha Ya Aulil Albabi La Al Lakum Tuflihun

  • Recite this ayat 141 times for a time period of 11 days.
  • Blow it on something eatable and feed it to your husband.

Insha Allah, you will get success in your halal motives. Pray to the messenger of Allah Talah to wipe out all infidelity and deceitful thoughts from your husband’s mind and give him guidance in this regard.

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