Islamic Dua To Change Husband’s Heart


If you feel lonely even after your marriage, then surely your husband is not giving you sufficient time and love. The loneliness with your husband along with you is the worst feeling for a wife. But, you don’t have to suffer from this feeling all your life. You can recite dua to change husband’s heart and Insha Allah, soon you will be able to make a place for you in your husband’s heart. The dua to change someone’s heart will make your husband fall in love with you and he will give you your rightful place.

Dua To Change Husband’s Heart

If you want your husband to think of you, love you, and care about you, will work best for you. It will help you in gaining their affection, love, and respect. There are a number of Muslim sisters who don’t get the love and respect they deserve, rather their husbands abuse them and hurt them. If you want to change the behavior of your husband towards you, then dua to change husband’s heart is the best remedy in this regard. It will make your husband regret his mistake and make up for all the harm he has done to you.

  • Initially, perform wudu.
  • Then, three times, say Durood e Ebrahimi.
  • After that, read the following dua 10 times:

La Ilaha Illallah, Wahdahu La Sharika Lahu, Lahul-Mulku Wa Lahul-Hamdu, Yuhyi Wa Yumitu, Wa Huwa Ala Kulli Shai’in Qadir.’

  • Again, you must read the Dorood e Ebrahimi three times.
  • Then, read Surah Nahl verse 98 as well as Ayat al Kursi.
  • In conclusion, pray to Allah and seek His blessings so your husband will fall in love with you and communicate with you.
  • Inshallah, you will soon meet your Hajat.

Dua To Soften Husband’s Heart

If your husband is doing domestic violence and he tortures you mentally or physically, then consult our Molvi Sahab to get customized dua and Insha Allah, soon you will be able to change him for the better. He will have a changed attitude towards you and things will get better. If your husband is really dominating and he doesn’t listen to you at all and does everything as per his wish, then dua to make husband listen is the best remedy for you. The dua to change husband’s heart will broaden his thinking and he will give your suggestions importance.

Dua To Make Husband Listen

If your husband doesn’t treat you well and doesn’t give your perspective any importance, then you should definitely perform dua to soften husband’s heart. It will change his mind and he will start giving you more importance. He will start treating you well and give you respect in front of everyone. The dua to change husband heart is extremely powerful and will end all your complaints with your husband. He will become the ideal husband and would do everything for you. At times a marriage becomes very difficult because of an arrogant and egoistic husband.

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Dua To Change Someone’s Mind And Heart

But you can lower the ego and arrogance of your husband by reciting. It will make him bend towards you. His heart will open for you and he will give equal importance to you in the relation. All in all, it will make your marital life content and happy and there will be no more problems between you and your spouse. If you are really troubled, then you should seek instant help from our molvi sahab and get dua to change someone’s mind and heart make your husband listen. He will provide you with the best possible help and Insha Allah, you will be able to come out of this problematic situation.

  • Make fresh ablution and sit somewhere clean
  • Recite Durood Shareef 11 times from Quran.
  • Recite “Iyyaka Na’budu Wa Iyyaka Nas Ta’een” 111 times
  • Then recite “La Ilaha Illa Anta Subhanaka Inni Kuntu Minaz Zalimeen” 151 times
  • Then recite Durood Shareef 11 times
  • Think of your husband and make dua to Allah Talah to change his heart and make him listen to you.
  • Insha Allah, soon you will have a favorable situation.
  • Your husband will start behaving normally with you.

Dua To Change Husband’s Mind

If you think your husband is very conservative, you might have different ideas about some things. Dua to control your husband’s mind will help you if he doesn’t treat you with the love and respect you deserve. It will change how your husband feels about you, and he will start treating you well.
He will act normally around you and see you as a good thing for him.

With the help of the dua to control your husband, you will be able to control what your husband does. He won’t be able to do things against the law if he sees it. If your husband is interested in other women, dua to change husband’s mind will stop him from doing that, and he will only look at you.

If you think your husband listens to your in-laws too much, dua to change husband’s mind will make him stop doing that. He’ll stop being biassed and treat you with love and respect in front of your in-laws. Practice dua to melt husband’s heart to keep your husband from getting into any bad habits.

Dua To Melt Husband’s Heart

If you and your husband frequently fight over trivial matters and your fights become quite heated, you should do dua to melt your husband’s heart. The dua to change husband’s heart will make your husband forgive you and improve your relationship. 

It will never allow anything to come between the two of you. Dua to melt husband’s heart will connect you both, and you will no longer have any disagreements. Our Molvi sahab can provide the dua to govern the husband. Ask him to describe the steps of this dua and he will. You will quickly see positive effects if you recite the dua with unwavering faith and sincerity.

Do not worry! The dua to change husband’s heart will definitely make your situation better and make him more understanding and loving towards you.

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