Powerful Dua For Love in Islam

Dua For Love

To have a happy and content relationship, you need to have love between two people. A person may have a lot of relations in his/her and every relationship needs love to sustain. This majorly applies to the relationship of boy-girl, husband-wife. Without love, these relationships may fall apart. Hence, it is very important to practice dua for love when you are beginning your life with someone special so that your relationship has love and affection all its life.

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Step by Step Powerful Dua For Love :

Note: For the best results, perform this “Dua for love back” after Fajr. (Beginning Prayer)

  • Take a shower and think deeply about your lover.
  • Then repeat Durood Sharif eleven times.
  • Then recite Surah Al-Hujurat.
  • Now recite the following verse (AYAT) seven times.
  • Finally, ask Allah (SWT) to return your affection.

Islamic Dua For Love

If you haven’t been able to find your soul mate till now and you want to find your true love, then with the help of Islamic dua for love, you can find an amazing partner for yourself. That person will love you to the core and will soon get married to you.

A lot of people end up falling in love with the wrong person and ruin their life. But, when you practice this dua and wait for your life partner, then you will get nothing but a perfect spouse for yourself. The dua for love or dua to get your love back will help you find the person that Allah Miyan has chosen for you.

Dua to Make Someone you Love

Here you can perform Dua for love in the following steps:-

Wa Tammat Kali Matu Rabbika Sidkan Wa Ad Lal La Mubaddila Li Kalimatihi Wa Huwas Sami’ul Aleem

  • Recite this dua 101 times after every namaz and think of your partner and blow on his/ her imaginary face.
  • Pray to Allah Miyan to bring love and affection to your relationship.
  • Insha Allah, he/ she will fall deeply in love with you in a period of just 21 days.
  • For the success of this dua, you must perform all the obligatory prayers of the day.

Indeed, He has created us in pairs and there is someone made for you, for sure. However, all you need to do is wait for him/ her to enter your life. It may take some time, but you will definitely find your soul mate and if it is taking long, then you can start practicing the dua for someone you love to speed up the procedure. Do not lose hope and soon the Almighty will bless you with the right person. Getting into false relationships will only increase your pain and bring hurt to you. So, perform the dua for someone you love and wait for your dear one to come to you.

Strong Dua And Wazifa For Love

The strong dua for love can be practiced by those who are going to get married in a short period of time. It will create immense love in your spouse’s heart for you, right from the day of nikah. Insha Allah, your partner will love you wholeheartedly and you will have an amazingly happy and loving marital life. You can also recite the wazifa for love and romance after your marriage. If you think that your spouse is too hesitant and is unable to mingle with you, then this strong dua for love will make her open her heart to you.

Strong Dua for Love

With this wazifa for love, you can increase the chances of closeness in your relationship. The closer you are to your lover, the lower will the conflicts be. So, it is very important to practice the dua and put all problems at bay.

If you feel that with time, strong dua for love and your relationship or marriage has lost its charm and there is no attraction or affection left, then the dua will re-spice your married life and bring back the lost flame. It will enhance intimacy and attraction in your relationship and revive your marital life. You will surely see the best version of your partner.

If your relationship is going through a tough time and there have been some misunderstandings and conflicts between you and your partner, then powerful dua and wazifa for love will bridge down the gap and mend the loose ends. 

Dua To Get My Love Back

The dua to get my love back will definitely bring love and happiness to your relationship. It will create better compatibility and understanding between you and your spouse and lower the chances of a dispute. So, recite the dua to get my love back as frequently as you can and blow it on your partner. You can also blow it on some sweet dish and present it to your partner to eat. It will have the same effect. Do not be hopeless, it is the most legit and halal thing for a wife to do.

Despite taking all the cautious steps, sometimes your relationships make take the road you never want to go. It may create distance and separation. 

Steps To Perform For Dua To Get My Love Back:

  • Take one uncooked sweet dish like shakkar or gud (jaggery) etc.
  • After that, recite Surah Al-Anbiya [21:9] 101 times.
  • After that, say “Ya Wadodu Ya Rahmu Ya Raahemu” 301 times.
  • Finally, blow on this delectable dish and give it to the person you want to regain your love for.

Watammat Kalimatu Rabbika Benefits

If you truly miss your ex and want them to contact you or miss you, this Watammat Kalimatu Rabbika dua will prove very fruitful. It will make your partner contact you without you doing anything. Often couples fail to get back together because they hold bad memories and grudges against one another. If this prevents your partner from coming back to you, then the dua will mend the differences and bring you both together. When the situation has gotten out of your hand, only Allah and His Kalaam can help you.

No matter your partner has cheated on you or there has been some false misunderstanding between you two or they have got under the influence of a third person and left you, whatever the reason for your separation is, you need to take the initiative to revive it back. The dua for love back will help you in bringing your relationship back to normal again. It will help you burn the hatchets and start a fresh life again. Your partner will address the problems and then re-start the relationship with you.

If a third person has manipulated your partner and he/she has left you because of their influence, then the dua will bring them out of the third person’s influence and he/she will come to you to seek forgiveness and for the revival of the relationship. 

Powerful Dua For Love Back in Islam

Dua for love back  The Following Steps

  • Make ablution and sit in a clean place.
  • You can recite this dua any time, but make sure you practice it at the same time daily.
  • Recite Durood Shareef 11 times.
  • Recite Allah Hus Samad 1000 times. It is the ayat of Surah Al- Ikhlas.
  • Recite Durood Shareef 11 times.
  • Make dua to Allah Talah to bring your lost lover back to you
  • Recite it for 21 days and wait for him/ her to return to you.

And, even after reciting this dua for love back, if your partner doesn’t come back to you, then you should approach our molvi sahib. He will give you customized help. Maybe your relationship was exposed to the evil eye or someone has cast black magic on you out of jealousy. Under such grave situations, you need the help of an Islamic scholar. So, if the dua doesn’t work for you, then immediately contact our molvi sahib and get his help. With his directions, Insha Allah, things will turn for the better. Do not give up and have a firm belief in the Almighty. Indeed, your condition will improve.

Can Allah Bring Someone Back into Your Life?

Love is an important thing in everyone’s life. Nobody wants to lose their love because every person knows that getting true love is not easy. People spend their entire life but still, they are unable to get true love. That is why nobody wants to lose their true love. But still, some people lose their love. Such people can take the help of the asking Allah to bring someone back into your life.

It becomes very difficult to live our lives without our partners. You just think about your partner all the time. If you see your partner with any other person you just become frustrated and just want to get your lover back. When your partner is being attracted to some other person then it becomes very difficult to get her back. Many people commit suicide because they are not able to get their partner back. This is not right Islam never permits anyone for committing suicide. That is why Islam gives a proper solution for every problem. And Asking Allah to someone back is one such solution.

What are the Advantages of Making Dua for Love Back?

If you have parted with your partner because of the lack of compatibility and frequent fights, then you should perform dua for love back. If you cannot see a way out there, then turn to Allah for help. Indeed, the Almighty will definitely help you. The Quranic dua for love back will heal your broken relationship and rejuvenate your love life.

It will mend the gaps and wipe out all the differences in your relationship. You will see an increase in compatibility and gradually the understanding will also increase.

All the problems will miraculously disappear from your life with the help of this dua. Things will gradually settle down and your relationship with your lover/ spouse will gradually improve.

Every relation experiences such hardships sometime in their life but what’s important here is how you bounce back. Apart from doing worldly measures, you should seek help from Allah Talah to ease your relationship issues and reunite the two of you.

What does Allah say about love?

There is nothing more hurtful than a broken relationship. Sometimes breakups aren’t very comforting and your peace goes away with your lover. If you are in such a situation, then do not feel devastated. With your shattered pieces make dua to Allah Miyan and pray for your lover to come back to you. With the grace of Allah, in no time your lover will re-enter your life and your relationship will be much better than before. Do not forget to thank Allah for it, once you think everything is back to normal.

If your partner has left you and gone and you literally feel all alone in the world and cannot think of anything else but him/ her, then you should look out for ways to bring them back in your life. If you want to reconcile with your partner and do not wish to spend a single day without him/ her, then dua for love back is the best resort for you. This effective Quranic solution will re-attract your lost love to your life and bring the two of you together again.

What is the Easiest Wazifa to Get Me Love Back?

No matter whose mistake it was, who should apologize, who should take the initiative to resolve the issue, the watammat kalimatu rabbika Wazifa for love back will end all sorts of issues and make both the partners take steps. If you want your spouse to apologize, then pray accordingly.

If it was your mistake and you want your partner to forgive you, without confronting you, then pray for it. The Wazifa will just bring back your lost lover but will also make your relationship much stronger than before and never let your partner go astray again.

In case your partner has left you because of their interest in another person, then the Wazifa will make them withdraw their interest and come to you. So, without any hesitation, you should practice the Wazifa and it will yield the best results to you. Make sure you practice it with firm faith and dedication. If you don’t have faith in Allah Talah and His quranic solutions, then the Wazifa will never work for you.

Can You Make Dua For Someone To Love You Back?

The dua can also be recited by married couples if their husbands or wives leave them and go elsewhere. It will bring your lost partner back to you in no time. Our molvi sahib has already helped several couples in reviving their love life and with his expert guidance. You will definitely be able to make a great start to your new relationship.

For any reason, you can perform the dua and it will yield magical results. In case you have any queries related to it, then you can come to us. We will resolve all your queries in no time. Our solutions are directly from the Quran and we don’t lead you to do anything haram or illegal. So, feel free to come to us!

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