Dua for Newly Married Couple In Urdu


As Salam Alay Kum, We welcome all Muslim brothers and sisters to our website who are newly married and wish to make their marriage a paradise on earth. Indeed, it is the satisfaction of a relationship that establishes peace and happiness in one’s life.

Dua For Married Couple In Urdu

If you are not happy in your marriage in any way, then you cannot do anything good in your life. The dua for newly married couple in Urdu or dua for married couple in Urdu is the best dua to create love, compatibility, and understanding in the heart of both the partners.

Dua For Newly Married couple In Urdu is mentioned below:

بارَكَ اللّهُ لَك، وَبارَكَ عَلَـيْك، وَجَمَعَ بَيْـنَكُما في خَـيْر

Baaraakallaahu lakaa, wa baarakaa alaykaa, wa jamaa a baynaakumaa fee khayreen.

English Translation: May Allah bless you, shower you with His blessings, and connect you in goodness.

Note: Perform this dua for 53 days continuously during the engagement period.

Do not get this wrong message of this dua being part of any black magic or witchcraft. The dua for newly married couples is purely taken from the Holy Quran and has been created to create love, affection, and trust in the heart of married couples. It helps in creating an eternal bond between the husband and the wife. 

Dua For Newly Married Couple In Urdu

Often when two people are married, there is a slight hesitation, newness, and lack of mutual understanding between the partners. But, with time, this seems to get better or worse. In order to establish transparency and understanding between you and your partner, we bring you the dua for newly married couple in Urdu to serve every Momin till the day of Qayamat.

The powerful dua for newly married couple in Urdu was recited by Prophet Muhammad Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallam to bless the couple and to make their married life successful

“Bara Kal Laahu Laka Wa Baraka Alaika Wa Jama Aa Baina Kuma Fi Khair”

Here is dua for newly married couple in Urdu

“زمین کی طرف سے، اس نے کہا، “یہ آپ کے لئے نہیں ہے، اور آپ پر ایک نعمت ہے.”

The meaning of this dua is “May Allah Bless and Send Blessings on you and bring goodness between you and your partner”

Dua For Newly Wedding Couple

The above-mentioned dua for newly wed couple is free from evil eyes, black magic effects, and bad impacts of your enemy. Even Satan will not be able to create any rift between you and your spouse. It is absolutely halal for the husband/wife or anyone to bless the couple with this dua and pray for the happiness and eternity of your relationship. You are very much allowed in Islam to make a dua for a healthy relationship with your partner.

Procedure To Recite Dua For Newly Wed Couple

  • Make ablution and pray to Allah Talah to forgive you for all your past sins.
  • Now recite the above-mentioned dua for newly wed couples at least 51 times and think of your partner.
  • Then pray to Allah Talah to bless your marriage and your partner and to make your marital life full of affection, understanding, trust, and loyalty of your partner.

Insha Allah, if you do this correctly without making any mistakes, then very soon your dua for the newly weded couple will help you. And your husband will make a great start in your married life.

Dua for Happy Life with Husband

Newly married couples are open to a lot of threats. They may get a victim of evil eye, black magic, envious feelings and more. Hence, it is important that all the well-wishers bless the newly married couple and give them duas and blessings.

If you are planning to congratulate a newly married couple, then rather than saying congratulations, you should say the dua for newly married couple “May Allah Bless both of you and combine the two of you in good”. As soon as you include the Mighty name of Allah Subhana Wa’ Tala in your congratulations and praises, you immediately replace satan and all the ill-activities.

Thus, reciting the dua for a newly married couple is the best thing which you can do for a couple. Insha Allah, the Almighty will bestow them with a relationship full of prosperity, happiness, and harmony. Marriage is a lifelong commitment and you don’t want it to go wrong during any phase.

Dua For Married Couple

A person is happiest on the day of his marriage. He/ she is likely to be a victim of the evil eye, intentionally or unintentionally on that day. When you practice the dua for married couples, the chances for their infection gets very low. It is essential to get the procedure of dua for a married couple from our molvi sahib. He will provide you the right way to bless a married couple and secure them from everything bad around.

It is your dua and wazifa which protects a couple right from the first day of their marriage. Hence whenever you meet a newly married couple, the first thing you should do it bless them and congratulate them with the auspicious name of Allah Talah.

It brings more power to their relationship and helps them stand strong against the test of time. You will never see their relationship in any kind of problem. So, without any hesitation make dua for the married couple and bless them hard. You can also bless them from a distance.

Even the married couples can recite a dua which will bless them with a better future with their spouse. The dua will bring them prosperity and success in their marriage.

One of the most common dua for married couple in arabic is

“Rabbana Hab Lana Min Azwajina Wa Zurriyatina Kurratan Ainin Wa Ja Alana Lil Muttaqeena Imaman”

When you make this dua, the Almighty sends positive energy and security to your relationship. It ties the two of you together for eternity and you both will find peace in one another. So, make the dua for married couples with great sincerity and devotion and you will see how Allah Talah showers his mercy and blessings on your relationships and fulfills all your desires.

Dua For Married Couple

Dua for Couple

Praying for a couple means asking Allah, who Muslims believe in, to keep a married couple happy, safe, and doing well. It’s like talking to Allah and saying, “Please help them have a good and joyful life together.” Muslims believe that when they sincerely ask Allah for guidance and blessings, it makes their wishes stronger and protected. So, praying for a couple is like sending a special message to Allah, asking for the couple to be happy and successful in their marriage.

You can pray for a couple at any time. It’s good to be clean before praying, so washing up is a good idea. When you pray, speak from your heart. Tell Allah what you need and what’s in your heart. You can do this anytime, but praying at special times like before bed or early in the morning is nice.

سے بھر دے، اور انہیں ہر برائی سے بچا لے۔ آمین۔

Transliteration: “Allahumma! Un ko behtareen zindagi de, un ke dil mein mohabbat aur taufeeq bhar de, un ke rishte ko mazbooti aur kaamyaabi se bhar de, aur unhein har buraai se bacha le. Ameen.”

Translation: “O Allah! Grant them the best of lives, fill their hearts with love and success, strengthen their relationship with resilience and prosperity, and protect them from all harm. Amen.”

4 Benefits Of Reading Dua for New Couple

When you pray for a couple, the purpose is to seek goodness, blessings, love, and a good life for them. When you engage in prayer, you are making a request to Allah for assistance and guidance. Here are some aspects associated with praying for a couple:

  1. Goodness and Blessings: Through prayers, you ask Allah for goodness and blessings in their lives, wishing for all difficulties to be removed and for them to be filled with happiness and contentment.
  2. Love and Harmony: Prayers for a couple include asking for increased love and harmony between them, ensuring that their lives are filled with understanding and affection.
  3. Strength and Success: Prayers seek strength and success for the couple, wishing that their relationship withstands challenges, and they achieve success together. The prayer expresses a desire for mutual support and understanding.
  4. Protective Prayer: Through prayers, you seek Allah’s protection for the couple, aiming to shield them from any harm and wishing for peace and safety in their lives.

Praying is a virtuous act through which you request assistance from Allah for your intended purpose. It is important to engage in prayer with faith and sincerity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any dua for bride & groom after Nikah?

Yes, here is the step bt step dua for bride & groom after nikah.

Note:- You have to start this procedure only on Friday night.

  • First, read Surah Baqarah eight times.
  • After that, take a picture of the bride & groom.
  • Then, recite 2 rikat nafil namaz.
  • Finally, read the dua for bride & groom “Haadh’l-amra” 505 times.

What is the nikah/wedding dua for the groom?

During the process of Nikah, a groom says “Qabiltun Nikaha”, Which means the groom is officially married now. After this, everyone wishes and blesses the bride and groom for their future life.

Which dua can read for the Nikah ceremony?

You should read this dua for nikah ceremony to get a happy and blessed married life ahead. By doing this dua, your nikah ceremony will be completed very well without any problem and only happiness will come in your life.

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