Powerful Wazifa for Husband Love


The love of a husband completes the purpose of marriage. It gives new meaning to a wife. It makes a wife satisfied and happy. However, if you aren’t lucky enough to get the love of your husband, then you should know the right way to deal with this situation. Your husband may start losing his interest in you and focus more on his work and kids.

If you want him to love you like he used to then the wazifa for husband love will do it for you. It will rejuvenate your married life and make your life partner love you like before. Insha Allah, your partner will start devoting you more time and attention and he will never ignore you for anything else.

Importance Of This Wazifa In Married Life

We comprehend that experiencing disregard and disrespect from your spouse can be heart-wrenching. We provide a robust Wazifa to assist you in rekindling your husband’s love and attraction towards you.

This Wazifa has been tailored to transform your husband’s perspective and warm his heart, arousing intense feelings of affection. Love is an indispensable element of life that brings joy and holds significance in every phase. Mutual understanding, respect, and trust are crucial to preserve any relationship.

Often the husband is unable to fulfill the expectations of his wife. He may not give them the attention, love, care, understanding which she desires from him. If he is an introvert type or he doesn’t know the right way to express his love and concerns for you, then you should recite to get his love and attention. If he feels hesitation and there are a lot of gaps between you or he is unable to open up, then also the wazifa for husband care and respect will bring you positive results and you will get the best of your husband.

wazifa for husband love

Wazifa For Husband Love And Respect

If your husband is ignorant of all that’s in your heart and he doesn’t know how to make you happy or give you love, then wazifa for controlling your husband will fulfill your requirements. Sometimes the husbands do not realize to what extent they have hurt their wives. If your husband has a high temper and he irrationally shouts at you and behaves badly with you, then wazifa for controlling your husband becomes the best remedy for you. It will help you in keeping your husband under control.

Here are the steps every women should follow if she wants to control her husband.

  • First, clean yourself and be positive.
  • Take half a cup of rosewater and pour it into the clay bowl that has been thoroughly cleaned.
  • Sit in an open space and say “YA WADOODO” 801 times.
  • Breathe on the rose water in the bowl.
  • Please give it to your husband to drink.

After any namaz, you may perform the wazifa to control husband . Put your complete attention on this Wazifa. Both at the beginning and the end, recite Durood Shareef. Inshallah, results will arrive if you continue this wazifa for love of husband for 44 days.

Similarly, if your husband doesn’t think that you are capable of doing things and he considers you nothing, then wazifa for controlling husband will change his perspective towards you and he will start valuing you. He will consider your opinion on everything around him. You can get the best wazifa from our Molvi Sahab.

wazifa for husband controlling

Wazifa For Respect of Husband

If you have tried all the worldly remedies but nothing seems to help you, then you should practice and make dua to Allah Talah and Insha Allah, you will get the best results from it. The visible difference in the behavior of your husband will showcase your successful efforts. Sometimes with the passage of time, your marriage may lose its charm. This wazifa to get husband love and respect will bring out the best of him and you will Insha Allah feel complete as a wife.

Wazifa for Love and Respect from Husband is given below:

  1. You can perform salah and this wazifa at any point in the day.
  2. Just make ablution and sit inside a clean room.
  3. Recite Surah Al-Ikhlas 100 times and Surah Fatiha 51 times.
  4. Then recite “Ya Azeezo” 1000 times. And make dua to Allah Talah to gain the love and care of your husband.
  5. Insha Allah, the wazifa will bring immense changes in your husband. And he will start treating you in a better way.

For more inquiry about the wazifa, you should consult our Molvi Noor Mohammad and seek his guidance for better and fast results. He will offer you the appropriate solution for your problems and Insha Allah, things will be fine. It is devastating for a wife to see that her husband doesn’t understand her and treats her badly. But, with time and the powerful Islamic duas, you can definitely change things and can have a better-married life.

Wazifa For Love Of Husband

If your husband does not treat you with the respect you deserve, you should recite the wazifa. The Wazifa will alter your husband’s entire perspective on you. It will increase his commitment to you, and he will always confide in you.

If your husband shows little interest in you and is constantly preoccupied with his work, Wazifa to get husband’s love is the correct cure for you. It will refocus his attention on you, and your marriage will alter. The Wazifa for husband’s love will assist you in regaining your husband’s best qualities and preventing any disagreements between you two.

Wazifa for love of husband is provided below:

  • Face Kiblah Shareef while you pray while seated on the prayer mat.
  • Put sugar in a bowl and place it in front of you.
  • Recite DuroodShareef seven times now.
  • Then, 22 times, recite Durood-e-Taj.
  • Lastly, recite the Durood Shareef seven times.
  • Then offer dua to Allah Talah to make your husband friendly and caring.
  • Beg him to be devoted and affectionate to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should I continue the wazifa for desired results?

The duration for continuing a wazifa for husband love for desired results varies depending on the specific wazifa and its purpose. It is recommended to follow the instructions provided by a knowledgeable Islamic scholar who prescribed the wazifa, as they can guide you regarding the duration to continue the practice.

Can I perform the wazifa during my menstrual cycle?

It is advisable to seek guidance from a knowledgeable Islamic scholar regarding performing a wazifa during menstruation, as there are differing opinions on this matter. Some scholars may permit it, while others may advise against it. Consulting a scholar will provide you with the appropriate guidance.

Is it necessary to consult an Islamic scholar before performing wazifa for husband love?

Consulting an Islamic scholar before performing a wazifa for a husband’s love is not a strict requirement, but it is highly recommended. Islamic scholars possess deep knowledge of Islamic teachings and can provide guidance based on the specific wazifa and your circumstances. They can ensure that the wazifa for husband love aligns with Islamic principles and offer advice on the correct method and intentions behind the supplication. Seeking their guidance will help you perform the wazifa effectively and by Islamic teachings.

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