Most Powerful Dua To Stop Divorce


Assalam Alaikum!. Today we share a dua about a sensitive topic. Our “Dua to stop divorce” has already helped thousands of couples who are now happily spending their life with each other. It is difficult to be apart from a loved one because of some misunderstanding. If both spouses are unhappy with their marriage, divorce is an option.
Sometimes, one spouse wants to end the marriage and the other wants to keep it. Below, we will also include Dua to Save Marriage from Divorce.

Some Instructions To Keep In Mind While Reciting Dua 

Be in a State of Focus: Before reciting the dua, take a moment to clear your mind of any distractions and focus on the intention behind your dua.
Recite Dua with Sincerity: It is important to recite the dua sincerely, believing in Allah’s power (SWT) to answer your prayers.
Use Arabic Text: If you are reciting the dua in Arabic, learn the correct pronunciation and use the Arabic text.
Make Dua on Odd Nights: The last ten nights of Ramadan, specifically the odd nights, are considered auspicious for making dua.
Recite Quranic Verses: Reciting Quranic verses related to marriage and relationships can also be beneficial.
Continuously Recite: Make dua continuously, as much as possible, and have patience. Remember, Allah (SWT) knows what is best for us.

Powerful Dua To Stop Divorce from Quran

We request you to please share this powerful dua to avoid divorce.

It can prevent someone from ending their marital relationship because of marriage problems. A marriage is a relationship between two families. When a marriage breaks, it affects people’s feelings. If a married couple performs this dua with complete faith in Allah SWT then this can prevent their separation from happening.

Here is the step-by-step procedure of Islamic dua: –

  • Start this dua on Wednesday in the early morning.
  • Just after any salah, read Durood Sharif 11 times.
  • After that, recite Ayat al Kursi from Quran 100 times.
  • Then, recite again Durood Sharif 11 times.
  • Finally, pay Allah Subhan Wa Ta’ala” to end your divorce.
  • The Dua must be performed for 21 days.
  • This Amal should be avoided by women during menstruation/periods.
  • Before you start it, you should get permission.
  • Whenever you perform this dua, keep your wishes in mind.

Complete Procedure Of Surah To Save Marriage

  • First, clean yourself properly (wuzu).
  • After that, recite Durood-E-Ibhrahimi 5 times.
  • Then recite verse 14(Surat Ibraheem) from Quran.
  • Then, again read Durood-E-Ibhrahimi 5 times.
  • Finally, pray to Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala to stop divorce.

This method should be used for 21 days to save your marriage from divorce. You can make your spouse fall in love with you by using the Dua to make someone love you. This will save your marriage from divorce.

Powerful Surah to Save Marriage

Powerful Dua To Save Marriage From Divorce

Is your marriage in trouble? Do you feel that someone is trying to sabotage your marriage? Do you want to find immediate solutions to get rid of a divorce? Are you worried that your spouse will leave you? Are you looking for the dua to save marriage from divorce?

Here you can easily find the best dua to save marriage from divorce. If any person is going through a situation of divorce and separation & he doesn’t want it to happen, then this dua will definitely help him or her. Anyone – male or female can practice this dua to solve married life problems to protect their relationship.

The best dua to save the marriage is:–

Maa Kaaana Muhammadun Aba Ahadim Mir Rijalukum Walaqir Rasulallahee Waa Khatamann Nabiyeena Waa Qanal Lahuu Bee Qulli Shay In Alee Man

  • It is very important to add Durood-e-Pak at least three to seven times at the start and end of reading the above-mentioned dua to fix marriage from divorce.
  • Make sure that you are in ablution while making the dua to solve married life from divorce.
  • Try to be punctual for Salah &; recite the dua to stop divorce after compulsory Salahs, five times a day.

It is heart-breaking to see a couple getting a divorce. this is why our Maulana Sahib has found some of the most effective and powerful dua to save marriage from divorce from the holy Quran. 

dua to save marriage from divorce

Tips To Avoid Divorce In Islam

Here are some tips to avoid divorce in Islam

  • Choose a wazifa that is appropriate for your situation– Many different wazifas can be used to stop divorce. Choosing a wazifa that is appropriate for your situation and that you feel comfortable with is important.
  • Recite the wazifa with sincerity and conviction– It is important to recite the wazifa with sincerity and conviction. It is unlikely to be effective if you are not sincere in your wazifa.
  • Be patient and hopeful– It is important to be patient and hopeful when reciting wazifa. It may take some time for the wazifa to be effective.
  • Make an effort to improve your relationship– In addition to reciting wazifa, it is also important to make an effort to improve your relationship with your spouse. This means communicating openly and honestly, working through your problems together, and showing each other love and respect. If you are willing to put in the effort, you can save your marriage from divorce.

Remember, Allah is the Most Merciful, and He loves those who turn to Him in repentance. If you are sincere in your wazifa and try to improve your relationship, He will answer your prayers in His perfect timing.

Wazifa To Stop Divorce

Marriage is a beautiful relationship but also a delicate one. One needs to be very careful while handling matters related to their marital life. The relationship is purely based on trust and understanding. Continuous fights can create enmity amongst the couples which further leads to divorces and separation.

Allah says in Quran – Allah appreciates every attempt made to bring husband and wife closer. So, if you really want to avoid your divorce then start making the dua for solving marriage life problems from today only. Anything bad about to happen or already happened can be stopped or made better by using the wazifa. Dua mentioned in the Holy Quran are magical words that can cure almost every human problem.

This is one of the best dua to repair marriage used by most of our brothers and sisters. These duas have helped couples in re-building the bond in their relationship. The dua for the difficulty in marriage provides you with an opportunity to re-think and to start your marriage once again with your spouse.

Benefits Of Reciting These Duas And Wazifas

There are many benefits of reciting wazifa to stop divorce. Some of the benefits include:

  • Reducing stress and anxiety. Wazifa can help to reduce stress and anxiety, which can be major contributing factors to divorce.
  • Improving communication. Wazifa can help to improve communication between spouses, which is essential for a healthy relationship.
  • Rekindling love and respect. Wazifa can help to rekindle love and respect between spouses, which can help to strengthen the marriage.
  • Attaining forgiveness. Wazifa can help to attain forgiveness from Allah for any sins that may have been committed, which can help to improve the relationship between spouses.
  • Bringing peace and harmony. Wazifa can help bring peace and harmony to the home, which is essential for a happy and successful marriage.

If you are facing a divorce, wazifa can be a powerful tool to help you save your marriage. However, it is important to remember that wazifa is not a magic spell. It is a way of asking Allah for help, and it is up to Him to decide whether or not to grant your request. If you are sincere in your wazifa and try to improve your relationship, Allah will answer your prayers in His perfect timing.

Frequently asked questions

There is Any Wazifa to Stop Divorce in Islam?

One of the wazifa to stop marriage life problems from divorce is mentioned above for you. These duas are natural magic and they can repair the relationship of a husband and wife in just a week’s time. So, if you want to stop your divorce or make your marriage stronger, then use the dua to save your marriage today only. To understand the procedure and criteria to practice the dua to save marriage from divorce, please contact us.

How can I contact you for getting guidance to perform this dua?

If you have any queries and you want to consult with us then you make a call directly to Molvi Hazrat Noor Mohammad Ji on this number +91-9914884919.

What Dua should I read to increase love in Married Life?

You can recite the most powerful dua to increase the love between husband and wife in Islam. This dua helps to create love and affection between married couples.

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