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Husband Wife Love Dua Powerful

Normally in arrange marriages husband and wife don’t know each other. It becomes very difficult for husband and wife to start their new life. When two strange people start their new life it becomes very difficult for both of them to adjust their life. They both have different views and thoughts. It takes time to understand each other. You cannot understand each other very quickly. Every new relationship wants some time. There is also a very special dua which husband and wife both can recite known as dua to bring husband and wife closer.

Sometimes in arrange marriage husband and wife are not able to understand each other. Their thinking does not match with each other. It is not necessary that your thought will match with your partner. That is why today’s generation prefers love marriage more in comparison of arranged marriages. In love marriage a person knows his partner from before. He can understand his partner better. Your thought matches with your partner. This is the most important thing for any relationship to be successful that there should be no misunderstanding between your partner and yourself.

Many people suffer in arrange marriages. When the husband and wife have different views and ideas then it becomes very difficult for them to continue their life on the same track. Especially it is becomes more difficult for wives. This creates gap between husband and wife. Husband starts avoiding his wife because of this gap. There is always a chance husband might start an illegal affair. This can really disastrous for wife. No wife wants this to happen with her. For this wife can take the help inshallah.

Dua To Bring Husband and Wife Closer

This is a very strong and special dua. It needs to be performed carefully. The person who is performing this dua should take all necessary information from Islamic books. closer and increase love should be performed after Jumah Namaz.

  1. This dua can be performed both by husband and wife.
  2. The person who is performing this dua should wear neat and clean clothes.
  3. Firstly take a glass of Sharbat.
  4. Then read Laa Haula for 36 times.
  5. After that read this Husband wife love dua “ Illa billahil allyhil azeem”.
  6.  Read this dua for 358 times.
  7. After that drink that glass of sharbat.
  8. Then read Wala Quwata for 96 times.
  9. After that take a glass of milk.
  10. Then read Surah Kais for 25 times.
  11.  After that read Qadqamatis Salah for 25 times.
  12. Then drink that glass of milk.
  13. After that take a glass of water.
  14.  Then read Surah Hafiz for 287 times.
  15.  After that read Dua e Mujammal for 27 times.
  16. Then drink that glass of water.
  17. Then take some sugar.
  18.  After that read Iman e Mufassal for 27 times.
  19.  Then read Surah Faiz for 27 times.
  20. After that throw that sugar outside your house.
  21.  After that read Surah Ikhlaas for 258 times.
  22. Perform this for 8 days.

This is a very unique dua which creates love between husband and wife. This is the basic problem that exists between husband and wife. In today’s world every person has become very busy. Nobody has time for each other. Husband is busy in his work. Wife is busy in her work. This can be really dangerous for their relationship. You need to spend time with each other and recite husband wife love dua for better strength and bonding. For any doubts regarding husband wife love dua you visit our site.

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