Dua For Noor on Face (चेहरे पर नूर लाने की दुआ)


Every woman has the right to look beautiful and take steps to enhance her beauty. It is natural to focus on enhancing your beauty. You would surely want yourself to look your best. But, going for artificial makeup isn’t suggested as they are temporary remedies and will never give you the noor you desire, which comes from the inside. Hence, you should perform surah noor for beautiful face. The dua for noor on face will offer you the best beauty which no other thing in worldwide can offer you.it will completely transform your look and take your beauty to another level.

Dua To Get Noor on Face

No matter whether you want to enhance your beauty for your husband or for your marriage, it is halal in Islam. You can look your best for your husband. The will make you attractive and appealing to your partner. If you have been rejected by people because of your looks, then will offer you the best results for your skin. It will make you attractive and Insha Allah, you will never be rejected by anyone. If any proposals come for you, you will instantly be accepted.

Dua For Noor On Face

If your face has a lot of marks, acne, and spots and you want a clean face, then you should recite a beautiful face, and Insha Allah, you will get a clear face. It will heal your skin and wipe out all the blemishes, spots and marks. Your face will glow and it will be spotless. It is essential to discuss the procedure of surah noor for beautiful face and he will give you the right guidance related to it. Don’t be upset, the dua will make your face spotless and exceptionally beautiful.

If your complexion is dark and people make fun of you, then you should make dua for beautiful face. The dua will give you an attractive and appealing face and everyone who has made fun of you will praise you. If you are ugly or you have any skin problem, then dua will end all these problems and give you a clean and clear face. It will make you amazingly appealing and look your best. You don’t have to use artificial skincare stuff to hide your flaws. The dua for beautiful face will give you long-lasting beauty and wipe out all your skin problems.

Surah Noor For Beautiful Face

It is also advisable that you should have good eating habits and perform good deeds. It is said that what you do gets reflected on your face. Hence always be positive and do good things. If your actions are good, then you will have a good face and no disease or problem will reach your face. It is also essential not to use too many artificial products. Reciting namaz and Quran also brings glow, vibrancy, and shine to your face. So, be a regular namazi and recite Quran Shareef daily.

  • In order to get noor on your face and heart, you should perform Surah Noor once daily at any point of the day.
  • Then blow on your palm and rub your palm all over your face and chest. Insha Allah, you will get an amazing glow on your face.

The procedure is very simple but it yields amazing results. It will make you look exceptionally vibrant, glowing, and beautiful. You will have spotless and flawless beauty and everything will be great with you. If you need any personal help for you, then you should contact our Molvi sahab for it. He will provide you the right help.

Wazifa for Beautiful Face

Though every girl is born beautiful, it is not wrong to take steps to enhance your beauty. So, every man and woman in this world can opt for home remedies and other steps to bring noor on their face. But apart from this wazifa for beautiful face what really works for a person in bringing a glow on their face is your good deeds and righteous nature. Apart from it, when you precisely make dua for noor on face, then you are blessed with amazing beauty and glow.

Wazifa for Beautiful Face

Often girls want to look more appealing and attractive to their husbands. If you as a wife want to enhance your beauty and look enticingly glowing for your husband, then you should recite dua to get noor on the face and Insha Allah, soon you will be blessed with glowing and beautiful skin.

The wazifa for a beautiful face will make you look more beautiful and eliminate all the flaws of your skin. It will make you radiant and beautiful in front of your husband. The dua for noor on face is meant for all those married and unmarried women who want to look beautiful and elegant for their marriage and husband.

If you are suffering from skin-related issues and you have a lot of flaws on your skin such as acne, spots, or bad complexion, then dua to get noor on face will do wonders for you. It will enhance your skin and improve your complexion. It will help you in getting back flawless and spotless skin. Insha Allah, you will never feel ugly in your life again. If people call you ugly or attractive and make fun of you, then dua to get noor on face will help you in dealing with your skin conditions easily.

Name Of Allah For Noor On Face

Though external beauty isn’t important still people look at you like that. If scars have reduced your beauty and you don’t know how to get it back, then you should get the procedure of how to get noor on the face by Islamic dua. The dua for noor on face will bring a phenomenal glow to your face and revive and rejuvenate your skin. It will reduce and fade out all the marks and spots from your face and give you a radiant glow.

Everyone is unique and beautiful and Allah Talah has made everyone equal. It is we humans who differ. If you want to have noor and positivity on your face, then you should find out the steps of how to get noor on the face by Islamic dua for noor on face and Insha Allah, soon you will see a boost in your confidence, look, and inner and outer beauty.

Name Of Allah For Noor On Face is given below:

  • Recite Durood-e-Shareef 11 times
  • Then recite “Ya Jameel” 313 times
  • Lastly, again recite Durood-e-Shareef 11 times.
  • Make dua to Allah Talah to give noor and radiance on your face.
  • Now blow on your face and rub it all over your face.
  • Perform this dua for at least 21 days.
  • Insha Allah, you will notice visible changes in your face.

Apart from performing the dua to get noor on face, you should also focus on your eating and look forward to living a good and content life. Make sure you practice good deeds and provide proper nourishment to your body. If you have any further queries related to your skin problems, then you can get in touch with our molvi sahab and he will give you the right dua for noor on face. You can freely share all your woes with him, without any worries.

You can recite the following:

“Bismillah hir-Rahman nir-Rahim. SubhanAllahil-Azim, SubhanAllahil-Aliyyil-Azim, SubhanAllahil-Azim, SubhanAllahil-Aliyyil-Azim. Astaghfirullah, Astaghfirullah, Astaghfirullah.

Dua For Clear Skin

While reciting this, you can also make a personal dua for clear skin asking for clear and healthy skin.

You can recite Surah An-Noor, to get Noor on face. It’s essential to do so with sincerity, seeking Allah’s blessings and guidance for overall well-being, including physical appearance.

O Allah, give me a face decorated with Your kindness. Bless me with beauty that shows my inner goodness. May my face reflect kindness and humility. I ask for Your help in looking good and guidance to embody true beauty. Amen.

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