Dua For Stomach Pain Relief in Quran


One of the most common health issues which every man and woman encounters often in their life is stomach ache. There are different reasons because of which a person may experience stomach pain. And depending on these reasons, you have experienced mild stomach ache or severe stomach ache. No matter what kind of stomach ache you have and what is the reason behind it, one thing which can really minimize it and bring it to an end is the dua for stomach pain. The dua for stomach pain will miraculously give you ease and comfort in your pain.

Dua For Stomach Pain

If you have eaten something bad or you suffer from common stomach related problems such as gastritis or IBS or simple digestive issues, then all you need to do is keep reciting pain and Insha Allah, all your stomach related problems will come to an end. If there are things which you prevent from eating as they cause stomach ache to you, then you should recite dua for stomach pain in your daily Namaz and Insha Allah, soon you can eat everything and anything you want and it will not cause any stomach problem to you.

Dua For Relief From Stomach Pain

The dua for stomach pain is very effective in lowering the ache and helps you to feel fresh. Once you feel you are okay, you should seek the help of a physician. Make sure you don’t ignore your stomach pain if it occurs more frequently. Often your stomach aches because of eating contaminated food. If you think that you have been infected with some flu or food poisoning, then immediately recite dua for stomach pain and Insha Allah, things will gradually get normal. In case it gets unbearable, then seek the instant help of a medical professional.

Dua For Relief From Stomach Pain

It is important that you consult our Molvi Noor Mohammad Sahab to find out the best stomach ache dua in Islam. He will give you a suitable remedy as per your case. The dua for relief from stomach pain can be recited either by the patient or by someone who can blow on the patient. The dua will gradually lessen down your pain and shield you from all the bad things with the blessings of Allah Subhana Wa’ Tala. So, without any worry, just rely on the Almighty and keep making stomach ache dua in Islam and even the worst of the situation will get healed.

Often with age, the digestive system of people gets affected. It may weaken and start experiencing pain and problems. But if you recite dua for stomach pain in Quran with all your heart all your life then Insha Allah, you will never encounter any stomach-related issues in your life and things will always be smooth. Often kids devastate their digestive system by eating too much food. As a parent, you must be concerned about your stomach and health. The dua for stomach pain in Quran will prevent any mishap from happening and keep your kids free from all types of ailments.

Stomach Pain Dua In Quran

La Feeha Gauloo Wala Hum Anha Yun Zafoon

Anyone suffering from stomach ache should recite this dua 7 times and then blow on their stomach. Insha Allah, soon your stomach pain will be long gone.

If you frequently experience pain in your stomach, then recite this dua 100 times and blow on some salt and whenever you experience pain, you should lick that salt.

Insha Allah, every time you will experience relief after licking it.

In case you have any particular illness related to your stomach and you seek guidance for it, then come to our Molvi Sahab for instant help and he will give you the required assistance.

Are you experiencing severe stomach pain and unable to bear it? If so, you should immediately consult a doctor and take medication. We all know that combining medicine with prayer can have a quicker effect. Along with medication, you should also recite a dua for stomach ache to alleviate your pain. The correct way to recite the dua is provided here.Top of Form

  1. Find a quiet and clean place.
  2. Sit or lie down comfortably.
  3. Raise your hands and sincerely recite the dua.

Oh Allah, please cure my stomach pain and discomfort. Grant me relief and healing. Ameen.

  1. Repeat as needed and have faith in Allah’s mercy.

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