Dua To Destroy Enemy Immediately

Dua To Destroy Enemy Immediately

Who would want their enemy to stand in front of them? No matter how soft-hearted you are, seeing your enemy win does hurt! It is seen that if someone has the intention to harm you, then you have the Islamic right to harm them to the same extent. So, if your enemy has caused problems in your life or has hurt you personally or professionally, then you should perform a powerful dua to destroy enemy immediately. This dua will shatter your enemy and bring him/ her to the verge of destruction. He will suffer all his life for hurting you.

Even if you don’t do wrong with others, there are people who feel jealous of your presence. It is important to keep yourself protected from such people. The dua for the enemy to go away will keep you safeguarded from the malicious deeds of your foe. It will make them suffer to such an extent that they will have no health or time to harm you. They will lack resources to trouble you and will be always troubled in their life. If you haven’t done wrong to that person and he/ she is troubling you for no reason, then you should definitely practice this dua.

Dua For Enemies To Be Destroyed

It is said that you should leave your matters on Allah Subhana Wa’ Tala because His revenge is better than your revenge. So, I would suggest you recite the powerful dua to destroy enemy immediately and leave your matters to Allah Talah. The Almighty will take the worst revenge from that person and he/ she will get trapped in their malicious deed. If it is a business enmity, then they will suffer professional losses, if it is personal enmity then that person will suffer personal losses. It could be loss of their health, wealth, family, or mental problems.

Dua For Enemy To Go Away

Dua To Get Rid of Enemy in One Night

Allah Talah knows how to punish a person in the best possible way. He will make your enemy suffer like you want him to. However, if you take your revenge in your own hands, powerful dua to get rid of the enemy in one night then always ensure that you don’t cause more harm than you have suffered or on the Day of Judgment you will be answerable to your foe. Sometimes in rage, people go out of the defined line and even opt for illegal methods. However, it is not suggested to punish someone in a haram way. Make sure you always opt for the Islamic way for your revenge.

It is said that it is better if you forgive someone here and let your matter be resolved on the Day of Judgment. But if someone has caused unbearable losses to you and it is impossible to forgive him for their mistake, then just recite dua to get rid of enemy in one night and your motives will be fulfilled. That person will be punished for his mistake and you will get your revenge in an Islamic and legit way. You can acquire the procedure of this dua from our molvi sahib. Talk to him about your revenge and he will guide you to the best possible Islamic remedy.

Surah To Destroy Enemy

You are bound to face hatred or jealousy in your daily life. However, if that hatred reaches an extent when people hurt or harm you, then you should seek protection from Allah Subana Wa Tala. Remember it is only the Almighty Who can protect you, safeguard you, and avenge you. No one else has the power to do this for you. So, seek only His help. Dua for an enemy to go away keep reciting dua for your help and Insha Allah, you will get desired results in a short period of time.

Other than this there is another powerful surah to destroy the enemy.

Allah Humma Minazzilal Kitabi Sari Al Hisab Ihzimal Azhaba Allah Humma Ihzim Hum W Zalzil Hum

  • Recite this daily 111 times and pray for the destruction of your enemy.
  • Insha Allah, your motives will get fulfilled.
  • Keep making this dua, till you see your enemy suffer.

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Dua For Enemy To Go Away

If you want to get dua for an enemy to go away from you then you can perform the below-given dua to keep your family protected.

  • Recite it after the namaz of Asr daily for at least 21 days.
  • Recite Durood Shareef 11 times.
  • Recite Surah Kausar 1000 times.
  • Recite Durood Shareef 11 times
  • Think of your enemy and curse him and pray to Allah Talah to seek your revenge in a legit manner.
  • Blow on him.
  • Insha Allah, soon your enemy will suffer.

It is but obvious that with this dua your enemy’s life will turn into a mess. He will suffer health-wise, wealth-wise, mentally, and physically. His relationships will suffer and his business will stop doing well and everything will stop working in his favor.

It will bring your foe to his worst condition and he will not be able to come out of it until Allah wants. So, just leave your revenge on the Almighty and keep praying for all the wrongs and sufferings of your life.

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