Dua To Protect You From Enemy

Dua for Protection From Enemy

Dua for Protection From Enemy

As the sole bread owner of your family, you may be worried about your safety and safety of your dear ones. However, there is not much you can do if you have enemies around who are threatening you. If you are being threatened by your enemies then no one other than the Almighty can rescue you. All you need to do is make dua for protection from enemy and Insha Allah, no one will be able to lay a hand on you.

Dua for Protection against Enemy

Indeed, there is no one but Allah who has the power to hurt you and protect you and without the will of Allah Subhana wa’ Tala, not even a thorn can prick you. So, when you seek refuge in the light of Allah Miyan, surely your enemy will stand no chance against you. it prevents you from all the bad things which your enemy is planning against you. It gives you an assurance, no matter what happens, your enemy will not be able to hurt you or harm you in any way.

Dua To Protect From Enemy

No matter you have personal enmity or professional enmity with someone, the dua for protection from enemy will take care of all your enmity and never let your enemy do anything wrong to you or your family. Even if your enemy is making plans to hurt you, he will fail in his attempts. If your enemy is damaging your repute and saying bad things against you and harming your status in front of your relatives and clients, then all his attempts will turn futile and he will not be able to do anything wrong against you.

Dua for Protection

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If you are tired of the malicious acts of your enemy and just want to get rid of him and quit fighting and begin a new life, then dua to protect you against your enemies will help you in fulfilling your objective. Your enemy will give up troubling you and will get out of your life. It is essential to discuss the procedure of dua against someone who has hurt you from our molvi sahib before you start practicing it. It will help you getting confirmed success. Also, ensure that you don’t harm your enemy more than his wrong doings. If you trouble him more than his actions, then you would be liable to him on the Day of Judgment. So, just rest your case in the court of Allah Talah and see His judgment.

dua to protect from enemy is given below:

La Tad Riku Hul Absaro Wa Huwa Yudrikul Absaro Wa Huwal Lateeful Khabeer

Recite this dua 7 times in the morning and blow on your hands and rub it all over your body. Insha Allah, it will keep you protected from your enemies all day and none of his wrong doings will cause any harm to you.

In case you need a more robust and personalized dua for yourself against your enemy, then you can get in touch with our molvi sahib and he will give you the right guidance.

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  1. Destroy my three enemies of my family..
    Hussein Samadhi Zarchi
    Malliya Shamsudini
    Agha Hussain

    They are using all means even jinn to destroy myself and my family..

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