Dua To Heal A Broken Heart and Remove Sadness

Dua For Strength of Heart

Dua For Broken Heart

If you are dealing with a broken heart; or if you are looking for a cure to make yourself happy. If you are going through a depression or a serious heartbreak &. you are in need of something that can help you in getting out of these feelings. Then, you are at the right place. Here we can provide you with the best Dua For Broken Heart. As Salam Alay Kum, Welcome to our portal. We understand avoiding heartbreak is not possible. It is a part of our everyday life. When we see someone going through a heartbreak, we advise them to move on. But, it is tough to overcome that feeling. You need to be extra strong and confident in order to get out of depression. This is why the dua to heal a broken heart is used.

When a person or any of your loved one is suffering from a broken heart, nothing else will make him or her happy. There can be a number of reason behind a broken heart – rejection in job interview, rejection in love, disloyalty, financial crisis, lack of strength to take a stand for yourself, failure in studies, etc. Any reason can cause sadness which leads to breaking of a person’s heart. To cure such a problem, the dua to heal a broken heart is used. This dua has been in use from centuries now.

Dua To Heal A Broken Heart

The duas to heal a broken heart is taken from Quran to help people who are suffering from anxiety, stress, sadness and depression. It helps them in building a more confident, constructive and happy life for themselves. In times of depression and broken heart, one must not lost hope. You must try to find ways to come out of it.

First of all, you need to believe in the power of ALLAH SUBHAN WAA TAALA. Only, ALLAH can get you out of such situations. When you will make the dua to heal a broken heart to ALLAH MIYAN, insha Allah he will make you strong enough to fight all types of problems that come in your way to live a happy life. It is always best to seek advise from ALLAH in difficult times. You must take shelter under his guidance and request him to cure you, by using the dua to heal a broken heart.

Surah for Heartbreak

  • The above-mentioned dua to heal a broken heart is to praise ALLAH – the ultimate saviour.
  • You must have faith in ALLAH.
  • You must recite the verse 1006 times every day; between NAMAZ E ASAR & NAMAZ E MAGRIF.

The Quran guides you to turn to no one else but ALLAH for curing your bleeding heart. You must remember him with complete dedication in your misery. He shall remove all the pain of your broken heart. He may accept your request to bless you with long life, healthy heart, prosperity, happiness, etc. INSHA ALLAH, your life will get easier and you may rebuild your emotions with our provided duas to heal a broken heart.

Dua To Heal a Broken Heart

Everybody deserves true love in their life, a person with whom they can spend their entire life. But what happens when such a person betrays you. You have loved a person so much. This is really a heartbreaker when a person leaves you whom you have loved so much. Your heart is broken. It becomes very difficult to recover from a broken heart. If your lover has broken your heart and left you, then dua for the broken heart will be a good option.

Today many people commit suicide because of a broken heart. They think they have lost their love and their life is now finished. Committing suicide is not the right decision. Every person deserves a second chance in their lives. This is not right that we should waste our life on some other person. We need to restart our life. In Islam committing suicide is haram. That is why Islam has given a solution to all those people who are dealing with broken hearts. Dua for broken heart is one of the best solutions provided by Islam.

dua for broken heart

Dua To Remove Sadness From Heart

dua to heal a broken heart

You can visit our site to gain more information regarding the above dua. Nobody has the right to waste their lives for any person. Naturally, it feels very bad when we have loved a person so much and that person leaves us for another person. But this does not mean that you should give up. You deserve another chance. You need to continue your life. Don’t waste your life on a person who does not care about you.

You also have other people in your life such as your parents and your friends. You need to continue your life for such people. If you will end your life what will happen to your parents. How can they live without you? You need to think about them. Islamic way for the broken heart will help you in starting a new life.

Dua For Strength of Heart

Dua For Broken Heart is given below:

  • Firstly you need to find a alone place in your home.
  • After that read Ayatal Kursi for 106 times.
  • Then read this Dua to heal a heartbreak-“ Khoolla Hoo Wallaah Hoo Ahaada”.
  •  Read this dua for 368 times.
  •  After that take a cheese slice.
  • Then read Sana for 52 times.
  • Then eat half of that cheese slice.
  • After that read salah for 25 times.
  • Then eat remaining cheese slice.
  • After that take the name of your lover who has betrayed you.
  • Take the name 20 times.
  • After that take another cheese slice.
  • Then read Surah Kafiroon for 98 times.
  • After that eat half cheese slice.
  • Then read Surah Faiz for 85 times.
  • After that eat remaining cheese slice.
  • Then take your name 20 times.
  • After that make a dua to Allah SWT so that your broken heart can be healed.
  • Perform this for 10 days.

This is a very strong dua. Today many people are dealing with this problem. This has become a major issue. Today there are lots of cases where people leave their lover for various reasons. Some leave because of money while some leave for some other person. When a person is disheartened he loses every hope in his life. He does not know what to do. He starts to live his life like a dead person. It becomes very difficult for a person to trust another person when he has lost his love. But you need to give your life a second chance. Dua to heal a broken heart will help you in restarting your life. If you need any further information in this regard, then you can speak directly to our molvi sahib.

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