Dua To Make Him Think Of Me 

Dua To Make Him Think Of Me

When a girl falls in love with a boy, she can do anything to grab his attention. To get the attention of their crush they try to make a lot of effort. The dua to make him think of me is a remedy that helps the girls stuck in such a situation. With the help of this dua, they get control over their crush. They can develop the feeling of love in their crush’s heart easily.

Here is the dua to make him think of me-

1- Begin with ablution.

2- After that, repeat this dua 21 times every day.

Wa La Qaad Fataanna Sulaimanaa Waa Alkaina Ala Kur Siyyihi Jasadan Summa Anaab.

3- After that, perform Namaaz Hajat for everyone.

4- Recite Durood Shareef five times after that.

Dua To Make Him Call Me NowFights are a very common concept for people who love each other. There are a lot of couples in which the boyfriend has a short temper. Because of his temper, he often gets angry with his girlfriend and stops talking to her.

In this situation, the girlfriend can sometimes get sad. With the dua to make my lover think of me, the girlfriend can make her boyfriend come back to her. With the help of this dua, she can make him let go of his angry habits. He will forget his habit of fighting unnecessarily and will always keep on thinking about her only.

Dua To Make Him Call Me Now

When two people in a relationship fight, it is obvious that they stop talking to each other. A lot of times the girlfriend has to let go of her anger and call her boyfriend. Girls are sensitive in a relationship and bow down so that their relationship never suffers. But, this should not become a regular occurrence.

Dua To Make Him Love Me More

Whenever you have a fight with your partner and it is because of his mistake, you should never be the one to call first. The dua to make him call me now is the remedy to make him realize his mistake and call you first. With the help of this dua, you can control his angry personality and make him a calm person. You can also make him realize his mistakes and be the one to openly accept them in front of you.

Here is the dua to make him call now-

1. Begin with wudu.

2. Then, for the next seven days, say the following wazifa seven times after each prayer (Namaz): “Hasbii-allaahu la ilaaha illaa Huwaa ‘alaihi tawakkaltuu waa Huwa Rab-bal ‘arshil ‘azeem”

3. Recite Durood E Sharif seven times.

4. Finally, ask Allah to assist you in meeting your Hajat.

5. Inshallah, he/she will call you and miss you.

Dua To Make Him Love Me More

There are a lot of phases in a relationship where a couple struggles and it seems like the relationship is going to end. A lot of girls make many extra efforts to keep the relationship intact. The same is the case with wives; they give a lot of sacrifices to keep their marriage safe. Even after all these efforts, many relationships come to an end.

Many women want to find ways through which they can make their partner put more effort into the relationship. They want their boyfriend or husband to give more time to you and your alliance. This can be made possible through the dua to make him love me more. When your partner will begin to love you more, they will pay more attention to your choices and priorities. They will begin making an extra effort to make you happier. The steps to perform this dua are written below:

  • Perform ablution and sit to pray.
  • Read Durood Shareef eleven times.
  • Recite Yaa Wajiduu 111 times.
  • Blow over a glass of water and make your partner drink this water.

Within a few days of performing this dua, your partner will begin loving you more and will make more efforts in your relationship.

If you want to know more about this dua, then you can call our Maulvi Sahab

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