Dua For Making Someone Love You and Get Love from Someone 

dua to someone love you

Dua For Making Someone Love You

One-sided love isn’t just painful but also unacceptable. You cannot spend your whole life loving someone and not getting any love in return. If your partner doesn’t appreciate you or love you back, then your relationship may not be able to survive. In case you don’t want to leave your partner for not loving you and wish to give him/her a chance, then recite dua to make someone love you back.

If you think that your spouse or lover is interested in someone else then you should practice dua to make someone love you back. People read this when their ex-lover does not show any desire to be with you. If your lover is seeking interest in someone else, then he will quit it immediately and come back to you. This powerful dua will restore your relationship and make everything fine between the two of you.

dua for making someone love you

If you think that your lover takes your relationship with him/ her for granted and doesn’t give you the love and affection you deserve and ill-treats you, then you should practice dua to make someone love you back. The Islamic dua will rejuvenate your relationship and make your lover realize your importance. He/ she will start loving you again and your love story will flourish and things will get better between the two of you.

Dua To Make Someone Love You

Do you know that there is a mention of a powerful dua to make someone love you in the Quran? Each and every prayer in the Holy Quran helps us find love and peace in life. This is why every righteous Muslim should always remember the prayers mentioned in the holy book.  

It is very common to have a crush on someone. But when this crush reaches the phase of one-sided love, many people become happy. The desire of getting one-sided love reciprocated sometimes takes away all the happiness in life. Many people are unaware of the Islamic dua to make someone mad in love with you to fulfill this desire.  

To read the dua to make someone specific love you madly as much as you love them, follow the steps mentioned below:  

  • Begin with taking a shower and imagine a happy life with the person you are madly in love with. 
  • Sit on your prayer mat and begin reciting Surah Al-Qariah 11 times.  
  • Then, recite Durood Sharif five times and think of spending your whole life with the person you love.  

If you are not with your lover anymore, you can perform this ritual as the dua for someone to come back to you. If you want your ex-lover to come back to you, this powerful surah to make someone love you back will be of great help.  

Dua To Make Someone Love You Back

If you are unsure about your lover or you are looking for true love in your life, then you should make dua to get love. The dua will help you in getting your right love. It will attract your soul mate towards you. If the person in a relationship with you is not feasible for you, then you both will part and your true love will enter your life.

dua to get love from someone

We suggest you first contact our molvi sahib for a consultation about the dua to make someone dream of you. This consultation will help you get the right understanding of this dua and procedure. Insha Allah, with pure intention and sincere effort, you will get what you really wish for.

The dua for someone to come back to you will also bring your ex-lover back in life. If you really want your ex-lover to come back to you, recite this Islamic dua. So, make sure your intentions are right, and then make the dua. Remember you will get what’s best for you and indeed Allah Talah knows what’s best for you.

Dua For Someone To Love You

The process to perform Dua For Making Someone Love You is given below:

  • Sit somewhere clean with fresh ablution and recite Durood Ibrahim 11 times
  • Then recite “Allah Hus Samad” 1000 times and Durood Ibrahim 11 times.
  • In the end, make dua to Allah talah to make your lover love you back and create immense love in his/ her heart for you
  • Insha Allah, in just 30 days you will get the right results for yourself.

Insha Allah, you will witness visible changes in the attitude of your partner. They will start showing affection and care towards you.

In case you don’t get desired results in 30 days, then you should come to our molvi sahib. He will analyze your condition and give you the right Quranic duas. If you wish to marry your lover, you can also contact him for the dua for marriage.

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