Dua For Getting Lost Love Back

Dua To Get Lost Love Back

Are you missing your lover after your breakup? Do you want your lover back in your life? Have you tried to resolve the issue between you and your partner, but they aren’t ready to understand? Well, sometimes the worldly remedies don’t seem to work in a relationship and so you need to go for spiritual remedies. The dua to get lost love back is meant for all those people who are heartbroken because of separation from their partner. It will not just bring your ex-lover back to you but also make your broken relationship work.

Dua To Get Back LoveIf your partner has left you because they cannot marry you or carry the relationship to the next level, then they will make them come back, apologize and take a stand for the relation. They will speak to their parents about it and Insha Allah, soon the two of you will be married. If your partner has dumped you because of some other boy or girl, then you can recite dua to get lost love back to regain their interest in you. The dua will revive your love life and make your partner regret leaving you.

Sometimes before a breakup, you may not realize how much hurt will it cause? If you are unable to bear the absence of your partner and you want him/ her back at any cost, then you should practice and Insha Allah things will get resolved. Your partner will come back to you and you both will be together again. It is essential to connect with our molvi sahib and get the details of the dua. He will give you a precise suggestion for it.

Being dumped in a relationship makes you feel unwanted. If you have never thought that your partner will give up on you and you cannot accept your breakup, then you should recite dua for a loved one. The dua will attract your partner back to you. He/she will also miss you and would do efforts to come back into your life. Don’t worry! And just keep reciting the dua to get love back with great patience and sincerity. With your commitment and clear heart, you will be able to bring your ex-lover back to you.

If your breakup has occurred because of some random misunderstanding then they will resolve the issue and clear all the doubts. It will make everything transparent in your relationship and your partner will realize their mistake and come back to you. The dua for getting love back will bring more compatibility and understanding of your relationship and things will be better than before. You will not have to suffer at the hands of your ex-lover anymore. He/she will give you the importance and treat you well. If you think that your partner hasn’t been just to the relation, then once they are back with the help of dua to get love back, they will be a changed personality.

  • Make ablution and find a good place to sit.
  • Keep a glass of water in front of you.
  • Now recite this beautiful name of Allah Talah “Ya Wajidu” 111 times and then on the water.
  • Give this water to your lover to drink. If your lover is not available then think of him/her and you drink the water
  • The dua can also be performed for spouses.

Insha Allah, your partner will come back to you in no time. You should practice the dua for at least 21 days to get desired results.

Dua To Get Back Love

Every love story is bound to face some or another problem. While some lovers may stand the test of time, others may fail and break apart. If you and your partner have also broken up because of some abrupt reason and now you wish to revive things and make your relationship like before, then dua for love back is the best remedy for you. The dua will rejuvenate your love life and help you in regaining the lost interest of your lover. Insha Allah, soon things will change and your love life will revive.

If there has been some misunderstanding between you and your partner which has led to your breakup and now it has been resolved and you wish to re-start your relationship then Islamic dua to get your love will get you covered. It will resolve all the conflicts and bring you to a position where your lover would want to re-enter your life. He/ she would be ready to make a fresh start with you and give you all the love and care that you demand and deserve

Dua To Get Lost Love BackIf your partner has broken up with you because of the interference of a third person and you wish to make things better and wipe out the existence of every person from your love life, then you should make dua for someone to love? and Insha Allah, your lover will realize his/her mistake and come back to you. They will no longer seek interest in any other person apart from you and would be with you all the time. You can get the procedure of dua for getting lost love back from our molvi sahib. With his help, you will perform the dua without making any mistakes.

If you have broken up with your lover on your own but now you miss him/her terribly and realize their importance in your life, then dua to get back love will ease your situation. It will bring your lost love back to you and they will forgive you for your past mistakes. Islam allows you to regret and repent for your mistakes. If you truly regret dumping your lover and perform the dua to get back love with firm faith and sincerity, then Allah Miyan will surely bless you with your lover.

Keep the picture of your lover in front of you after performing the Maghrib namaz. Then recite this dua “La Qad Jaa Aakum Rasulam Min Anfusikum Azizun Alaihi Maanii Tum Sum Alaijum Bil Moomineena Rauphur Raheem” 111 times

Then make dua to Allah Talah to send your ex-lover back to you. Insha Allah, in 30 days your lover will come back to you.

In case, you don’t get fruitful results these days, you should get in touch with our molvi sahib. He will provide you with a customized solution as per your present condition to get immediate results for you

Not all relationships are pure and true. If you have tried many relations and now you realize that your past relationship was the best and you want your lover back in your life, then is your only resort. The dua will melt the heart of your ex-lover and he/ she will come back to you. They will forgive you and happily accept you as their partner. Soon you both will get married too. It is important to perform dua for a loved one with the intention of marriage or else it may not work to establish a haram relationship.

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