Powerful Dua To Make Relationship Stronger


As-salamu Alaykum everyone! Do you want “Dua To Make Relationship Stronger”? If yes, then you are in the right place. Here you can get some strong and simple Dua for a good relationship.

The love between two people is the most beautiful relationship even for Allah. The connection between two people is of love, honesty and trust towards each other. A good relationship demands the essential values of love, faith honesty, dedication, and faith.

Sometimes, Due to a lack of understanding between two people, fragile relationships fall apart. There are many reasons that can ruin any relationship and hurt the people involved in it. This dua to make a relationship stronger protects your relationship from breakage and also keeps it safe from any bad influence. Below, we present five different duas that can enhance your relationship. There is no place to find these Dua on the Internet. If you’re looking to make it more powerful and better then just read this article thoroughly.

Dua to make relationship stronger’s guidelines

  • Clean yourself properly(wuzu) before using this dua.
  • Begin Dua by reading Surah Al-A’raf Verse 7:43.
  • You must have complete faith in Allah (SWT) while reading dua to make relationships stronger.
  • Drink one Glass of Holy water ZamZam after performing the complete Dua.
  • Read these ” Dua to make relationship stronger” in an exact Hallal Way don’t try Black magic, this could be Haram in Islam.
  • You have to say Ameen at the end of the dua completion.

Here is a step by step procedure of “dua to make relationships stronger”

You need to perform this dua to make the relationship stronger after Asr prayer (afternoon prayer).

  • First, take bath (ablution).
  • Now, read the Darood Shareef 11 times.
  • Then Recite Surah Yaseen’s “Wa Nuufikha Fiss-Soori Faaizaa Humm Miinal Ajddaasi Ilaa Raabbihim Yannsiloon” Verse [36:51] fifty times.
  • Then, you can perform Dua to Allah (SWT) in order to strengthen your relationship with your partner.

After completing this dua, think of that person in your mind and if you feel the need of any help, then you can contact to our Molvi Hazrat Noor Mohammad Ji. There are occasions when you might encounter problems in your relationship with your partner spouse, husband parents, friends, or family members.

No matter what the problem is, the wazifa to make a relationship stronger will fix every problem. It helps to build an enjoyable long-lasting, healthy relationship with someone you love.

Sometimes even small quarrels destroy many relationships and because of this, you get separated from your partner. In such a situation, you can pray love back dua to enhance love between two people.

The relationship between husband and wife is very sweet. There is sweetness in this relationship. Sometimes this relationship gets negatively affected by someone’s evil eye. To avoid these types of issues, you should make “dua for a good relationship with your husband.”

wazifa To Make Relationship Stronger

Here is a step by step process of Wazifa to Make relationships stronger

  • Perform this wazifa only on Wednesday.
  • Start with an appropriate cleansing. (Wudu)
  • Then, perform “Ya wadoodo” 47 times.
  • After that recite Surah Al-Jathiyah “Tanzeelul Kitaabi minal laahil ‘Azeezil Hakeem” 10 times.
  • Then, you need to read this Wazifa 500 times that are mentioned in the image.

Note: Do this process for 32 days continuously. You have to perform this wazifa in a proper manner after that you can able to see the amazing effects.

Love is the most genuine feeling. Everyone desires to want love whether it is animal or human. Life is a confluence of happiness and sorrow, so keep your patience and believe in Allah and pray that you get love in your life. You can recite “powerful dua for love in Islam“.

wazifa to fix broken relationship

How to Strengthen a Relationship in Islam?

  • First, do ablution (It is a must before performing dua)
  • You need to wear clean clothes and sit straight with an attentive mindset.
  • Perform Dua in front of Mecca with total belief in Allah Talah.
  • After that read this “Ar-Rahmaanu ‘alal ‘Arshis tawaa” before starting and after the obligatory prayers to get a faster results.
  • While reciting the dua also recite Bismillah at least 5 times.
  • Perform this wazifa for 7 times to make your relationship stronger.

Islamic Dua To Protect Your Relationship From Evil Eyes

Nowadays, there are some people who feel jealousy not because of their sorrow, but because of others’ happiness. That’s why such people have an evil eye at a good relationship. In good relationships, nothing remains the same because of the sight. In such a situation, you need to protect your relationship. So you can try dua to protect relationships from evil eyes.

So here we are providing you with the step-by-step process of dua to protect your relationship from evil eyes.

  • First, make ablution and you need to sit in a clean place.
  • After that read”Allaha hu Akbar” ten times.
  • Then, take the Zamzam water and recite “Tanzeelal ‘Azeezir Raheem”
  • Now, drink Zamzam water and pray to Allah Talah to save your relationship.

Precautions of Wazifa to Make Relationship Stronger

This dua to make relationship stronger needs to be done in a special or proper way. If you don’t do this dua in a proper way then it doesn’t work. And it is considered committing a sin.

  • Whenever someone prays, just have faith in Allah.
  • Women should avoid doing any dua or wazifa during menstruation.
  • Make sure to send Salawat to Prophet Muhammad as it pleases Allah.
  • Whenever you pray an Islamic dua or wazifa, be patient, do not lose your temper while waiting for the result of the prayer.
  • Do the dua only in a quiet place so that you do not have trouble.

There can be many reasons for breaking a relationship whether it is misunderstanding or ego.

This dua to fix a broken relationship works as a substitute in Quran to get a good relationship with your partner. Dua in Quran is a very good medium to strengthen the relationship with your partner. With the help of Allah’s blessing, you can strengthen your relationship further because Dua is connected with Allah.

Considerations of “dua to make relationships stronger”

  • You can also do this dua for your husband or wife to strengthen your relationship.
  • The effect of this “dua for a good relationship” lasts for a lifetime.
  • These Islamic duas are taken from Quran.
  • If you feel that the person you love is moving away from you, then you can still do this dua, but for this, you should take permission from an Islamic scholar.
  • If you want to see a better result of this Dua then do it on Friday night.

Sometimes there is only one-sided love in some relationships, so for this also there is a very good solution in the Quran, which is dua to make someone fall in love with you.

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