Dua to Create Love in Someone Heart

Dua to Create Love in Someone Heart

Dua To Create Love In Someone Heart

Are you crying the entire night? Tired of counting stars or sheep inside your head before you exhaust yourself enough to get some sleep? Are you waiting for someone to come into your life and make it beautiful and happy? Are you missing something in your life? Do you have everything still you feel incomplete from the inside? Then, you have come to the right place? Here we shall introduce you to the best dua to create love in someone’s heart and how to make it successful?

Wazifa To Create Love In Someone’s HeartAs-Salam Alay Kum, Welcome to our portal. Men or women, boys or girls, anyone who feels the need to have someone in their life; who wants to make someone fall in love with him or her, can use the dua to create love in someone’s heart.

It is completely halal to request Allah Subhan wa tala to create love and affection in the heart of a specific person for another person. Make sure that you always choose the dua to create love in someone’s heart with good intention for marriage or nikah. Ensure that no one must use the mentioned procedures or dua to exploit or hurt another person or to seek revenge. So if someone’s heart doesn’t admire you. No need to worry about it just perform the dua to increase love in someone’s heart and receive a positive outcome in just a few days.

Wazifa To Create Love In Someone’s Heart


You can recite the above mentioned wazifa to create and increase love in some hearts for any of your loved ones. The dua can be used for spouse, lover, parents, guardians, siblings, and for children too. The main intent of reciting the dua to increase love in someone’s heart is to make someone like you and feel for you even more.

How to perform the Islamic wazifa to create love in someone’s heart? Here is a great wazifa to plant a seed of love in someone’s heart. Beware, as you do not want to perform this dua to create love in someone’s heart on anyone unless you want to marry the person.

Dua To Create Love In Someone Heart is given below :

  • You will have to recite the above-mentioned wazifa to create love in someone’s heart every day after NAMAZ E FAJR.
  • You can recite the dua 4 times or 7 times, as it may please you. Make sure, you recite the dua the same number of times, every day.
  • You need to carry out the same procedure for the next 21 days, without any gaps.

You must follow the guidelines provided by us if you want your dua to increase love in your lover’s heart, be answered soon. INSHA ALLAH, by the grace of the Almighty, very soon that someone will start loving, admiring and caring about you, AMEEN!

Dua To Create Love In Husband Heart

Dua For Love In Husband HeartA husband who is always angry with you, every now and then. Or maybe try to find reasons to be away from you. or his ambitious nature or difficult job is keeping you two separate. But, you want to create deep love in his heart for yourself. Then, this website is the right place for our beloved sisters. Do not worry. We welcome our Muslim sisters to our portal. We know that the above-mentioned question might hurt you all the time. You might be looking for the authentic dua to create love in your husband’s heart?

And if you are, then we can definitely help you. we have already the best duas for a spouse to create feelings in his heart to many sisters. They have given successful feedbacks, all the time. Your dua for husband to create love in his heart will also be accomplished if you will follow the procedures provided by us, strictly and carefully.

As-Salam Alay Kum, If you are wondering –

What Dua, do you need to read for your husband’s love?

What Dua, do you need to make your husband crazy?

What dua to need to read when the husband is ignoring you or angry at you?

If you are fed up with your husband’s ignorant attitude towards you. Then, the Islamic dua to make your husband think of you provided by us can help you. this dua is for a wife who hasn’t felt the love of her husband. It is serious torture. Every girl dreams of a loving husband. If you don’t have that then marital life is difficult. Such wives can perform dua to make him think of me. It is 100% legal and halal in Islam.

With the help of this Islamic prayer for the husband to create love in his heart, you can achieve mutual understand and deep love with your husband. Masha Allah. True love will start showering upon you, from your husband’s side. dua for love in husband heart will remove the difference between you two & will create a bond of love.

The dua for husband to create love in his heart is – YA BUDUHU

Here’s a quick dua for love in your husband’s heart to make your husband fall in love with you. Make sure, you follow every step as guided by our molvi Ji

  • On the day of juma &; after NAMAZ E ZOHAR, you must perform this wazifa for husband to create love in his heart;
  • It is important to be in clean clothes and ablution for the wazifa;
  • Prepare taza halwa for your husband and keep the sugar that you have to put in halwa on your JA- namaz;
  • Now, recite Yaa Buduhu at least times and blow your breath on the sugar;
  • Use this sugar to prepare the halwa nicely and sweet.
  • Serve this halwa to your husband, every Friday.
  • You can practice this dua for your husband to create love in his heart till your husband’s heart is filled with lots of love for you.

Insha Allah, very soon your husband’s attitude from anger and ignorance will be transformed to love towards you.

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