Spell to Turn Friendship into Love


Spell to Turn Friendship into Love

Have you fallen in love with your friend? Do you want to make him/her your lover? Do you think that you can easily spend the rest of your life with him/ her? If you have already made up your mind and you know that that person will keep you happy for the rest of your life, then this website is the best place for you to get one-stop solution.

As Salam Alay Kum, Welcome, our beloved Muslim brothers and sisters! If you have had a long and strong freidnship with someone but now you think you are in love with your friend and you wish to cast similar feelings in their heart, then you can get all your solutions here.  As it is said friendship is the first stage of love and it is the base of every love story. People usually don’t directly fall into love. It takes time to like the habits, activities and nature of a person and then fall in love with him/ her. You can use spell to turn friendship into love to enhance these feelings in your friend too.

The feeling of love should be mutual or else it will never flourish. Hence, the moment you feel that you are in love with your friend and that he/ she is your eternal mate, you should immediately practice spell to turn friendship into love to bring similar feelings in their heart too. Once the feelings are mutual, Insha Allah, your love life will flourish and you two will be very happy and content together. You will have a friend-cum-lover in your life and you will have someone as your spouse whom you trust from the core of your heart. You can get in touch with our astrologer about it and discuss your matter, without any hesitation. He will help you by providing you the best spell to turn friendship into love, as per your condition.

Read the dua mentioned below to make your friend fall in love with you:

“Bismillah Hir Rehmanir Raheem- Ya Ghiyassal Mustagheen”

  • Commence this dua from Friday night and wear white clothes while performing it.
  • Make sure yo recite this dua with love in your heart for your friend in soft voice.
  • Recite it for at least 320 times for 41 days and then make dua to Allah Talah to inculcate the feelings of love and affection in the heart of your lover.

Insha Allah, very soon you will get successful in your halal motives, Ameen! The Islamic dua to make anyone love you is very pious and helpful for all those who are reciting it with the sole aim of marriage. Do not have any wrong intent while reciting this dua. The spell to turn friendship into love will make your bond with your friend stronger and help you and he / she become the best life partners. Masha Allah, it will be a pair that people will look out for. So, try the spell to turn friendship into love now and get immediate results.

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