Prayer for Heartbreak in Islam – Duas for Healing

Islamic Prayer To Heal A Broken Heart

Prayer for Heartbreak in Islam

Are you feeling emotionally shattered? Are you depressed? Do you feel like staying alone most of the time? Do you wish to get rid of all the sadness? Well, this is the best platform for you to heal your broken. We can provide you with the best Prayer for Heartbreak in Islam.

As Salam Alay Kum – A broken heart can affect your health and mental status. If you are living under sadness for a long period of time then you can face serious health issues. So, we would request you treat such problems as quickly as possible. We can provide you with the best dua to get over someone. A broken heart needs a positive atmosphere and a calm mind along with a healthy heart to cure quickly. So, don’t hesitate and find a solution for it. We have already so many people healing their hearts by providing them with the best Islamic prayer for heartbreak or to heal a broken heart.

The major cause behind a broken heart is the breaking of dreams. Yes, we all have hopes, expectations, and dreams in our life. We feel confident when we try to pursue our goals in our life. Goals can be of anything – for career, for success, for business, for studies, for love, for marriage, for money, for prosperity and wealth, for health, etc. You experience a broken heart situation.

Islamic Prayer To Heal A Heart

Dua To Get Over Someone

You may feel like that nothing will ever get better. It badly affects your self-respect and confidence. You may feel that you are good for nothing. But, life doesn’t stop for anyone. You may have failed in one field but there is still hope. You need to be happy and work hard again for yourself and for the people who care about you.

To heal a broken heart you need this dua to get over someone. It is a wound that may be temporarily managed by medications but this prayer can provide you with a permanent healing process. We are not suggesting it, it is the Quran that says to try this Islamic dua prayer to heal a broken heart. It will help you to realize in what kind of situation you are stuck into & how you can get yourself out of here.

Dua To Remove Sadness From Heart

Dua To Get Over Someone

No matter what is the real cause behind the pain. You can easily get out of it by using this dua to remove sadness from heart. Otherwise, it would be really hard, painful, and time-consuming.

  • The below mentioned Islamic prayer to heal a broken heart must be recited 700 times every day.
  • At the same time, you may choose.
  • Then make Ablution.
  • You can recite it until you feel that your heart is not bleeding anymore.


The Islamic dua for detachment will connect you to ALLAH SWT. Allah will understand your pain and you will find the resort in his blessings. So, try to recite the given get over heartbreak Islam in the moment of distress and Insha ALLAH very soon, you will find a permanent cure for your sadness and a broken heart.

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