Prayer For Divorce To Stop In Islam

Prayer For Divorce To Stop

Divorce is a process in which a wife and a husband end their marriage and begin to live separately. We have all heard that marriage is a commitment of a lifetime. It is also true that these commitments have an unfortunate ending in the form of a divorce. In earlier times, divorce was rare because people felt ashamed of it. But nowadays, divorce is a very common thing in our society. When a couple takes the decision of separation, they should read the prayer for divorce.

Nowadays, people are giving more importance to their self-respect and prioritizing themselves before their spouse. At the beginning of marriage, every couple tries their best to make their relationship work. Even after many efforts when things don’t go well between the spouses, they prefer to take the decisions of divorce. Even though this is good for their mental and emotional wellbeing, it is still not totally acceptable. In such cases, the decision of divorce is normally mutual.

Prayer For Divorce

Prayer For Marriage Problems

Many men and women take the decision of divorcing their partner when they cannot tolerate their partner anymore. For men taking this big decision is mostly because their wife is not a religious or pious woman. Another reason might be that their wife is cheating on him. They decide to go away from their husband because of their habit of smoking or drinking and cheating. The prayer for divorce in such cases is performed so that a person can get rid of their toxic marriage without any obstacle.

This destroys their lives even before they understand this problem’s depth. For many couples, it is only possible after marriage to know each other. After marriage, many couples face the problem of not being compatible with each other. This leads to a lack of communication between the spouses. To end this kind of marriage, both people should perform a prayer for divorce.

Dua for Divorce

A prayer of divorce is also helpful for men or women who are unable to accept their partner’s bad habits anymore. A husband and wife both have the right to leave their partner if they do not follow the rules made by Allah Taala.

In many cases when a couple decides to divorce each other without thinking, they tend to change their decision. When the big decision of divorce is taken in haste, the couple very shortly changes their mind and is ready to do anything to stop the divorce. This can be done through the prayer for divorce to stop.

The prayer for divorce to stop is here :-

  • Sit down to pray after salah.
  • Put a piece of sweet before you.
  • Recite this dua: “Wallazeenaa yaqoolonaa rabbaanaa hublaanaa min azwaajinaa waa zurriyatinaa qurrataa aa ainin waj alnaa lil mutakeenaa e maman”
  • Recite this for 300 times.
  • At last, you and your spouse should eat the sweet. This dua will stop your divorce from happening.

If you want to know more details about this dua, please call our Maulvi Sahab directly.

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