How To Do Istikhara For Love Marriage Dua

Istikhara for Marriage Dua

Anytime a Muslim is confused about making a decision, he/ she should immediately seek guidance of Allah Subhana Wa’ Tala. Indeed, Allah knows all and He will only guide towards the good. Marriage is a big decision in the life of a person and everyone may get confused in choosing the right marriage proposal for them. If you have two or more marriage proposals in your hand and you want to seek guidance of Allah Miyan to help you choose the right one for you, then Istikhra dua for marriage in Islam is the best remedy for it.

It is essential to make the dua with sincerity and wait for the signs. Allah talah will give you guidance you seek and you should go with it, even if it clashes with your own decision. The Istikhara dua for marriage in Islam is the best way to do in such a situation and decide whether to pursue marriage to a particular boy or girl. However, make sure you perform the istikhara in the right manner as per the sunnah.

In your future life, you will be happy to go with the decision of Allah Talah. At times you may not know what’s right for you and what’s not. Under such circumstances, you should leave everything to Allah Talah. If you have received a marriage proposal for you and your heart is unable to decide whether to say yes or no to it, then you should definitely recite Istikhara dua for marriage in Islam to find out if the marriage will work for you or not

Istikhara for Love Marriage

First recite two rakat nafil namaz and then sit down and make this dua.

Allahumma inni astakhiruka bi ‘ilmika wa astaqdiruka bi qudratika wa as’aluka min fadlika, fa innaka taqdiru wa la aqdir, wa ta’lamu wa la a’lam, wa anta ‘allam al-ghuyub. Allahumma in kunta ta’lamu anna hadhal-amra khayrun li fi dini wa ma’ashi wa aqibati amri faqdurhu li wa yassirhu li thumma barik li fihi. Allahumma, wa in kunta ta’lamu annahu sharrun li fi dini wa ma’ashi wa ‘aqibati amri fasrifhu ‘anni wasrifni ‘anhu waqdur li al-khayr haythu kana, thumma radini

Then just make dua to Allah Talah to guide you and go to sleep.

Insha Allah, the following night, you will witness a dream. If the signs are positive, then you should proceed, if the signs are negative, then step back immediately.

How To Do Istikhara For Marriage

Whether it is love marriage or arrange marriage, you can perform Islam dua for marriage for all types of marriage. It will help in eliminating all the hindrances and obstacles from your marriage. The dua is meant to help your marriage take place smoothly, without any problem. Often your marriage age may pass and you would not find someone suitable for you. If this is the case with you, then Islam dua for marriage will just work perfectly for you.

It is important to find out the steps of the dua from our molvi sahib and then perform it. This way you will never make any mistakes. Marriage is a big decision in the life of a person, hence you should think before marrying someone. The Islam dua for marriage will make your marriage successful and never let any problems creep in. It will make your marriage prosperous and happy and allow no evil things to affect you. So, just make the dua with complete faith and see how it brings best results for your marriage.

One of the best dua for marriage is Surah Yaseen. Recite it once daily and pray for your marriage and Insha Allah, soon you will get married and also have an amazing married life.

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