Dua To Overcome Loneliness


Dua To Overcome Loneliness

Do you feel depressed and lonely? Are you sad? Do you feel alone in this world? Do you wish to overcome your loneliness? Well, if yes, then this is the best place for you get rid of your loneliness. Heart finds peace in the refuge of Allah Talah and the dua to overcome loneliness will surely heal your sadness and depression.

As Salam Alay Kum, If you don’t feel happy even when you are with your loved ones, if you don’t find peace inside you, then it can affect you mentally and physically. If you are not happy and you always feel lonely even in the presence of everyone, then you should deal with this condition as soon as possible. We will help you with the best dua to overcome loneliness. First thing first, you should always stay in a positive environment and do things which make you happy. Do not indulge in things which make you sad. Loneliness is experienced when you don’t find pleasure in anything you do or in anyone’s company.

But remember, even when you are alone, Allah Talah is with you. And, the dua to overcome loneliness is the best remedy to get rid of this problem. The major cause of loneliness could be having no near ones and dear ones in your life. Or it could be a broken heart because of a marriage or love life failure. If you have lost all expectations and hopes and you don’t find anything soothing for you, then maybe you are fighting depression. If you have unmet goals in your life, say- business studies, marriage, money or health, then you may be feeling lonely.

You should spend some time with Allah Talah and do dhikr and recite salah to console your mind and heart. Indeed, it will wipe out the sadness and loneliness from your heart and fill it with contentment. Sometimes you may have to speak to a psychiatrist and get yourself treated. But along with your treatment, you should also focus on dua to overcome loneliness. Recite the Quran for troubled minds find peace in Quran. It will help you get out of the situations you are stuck in.

Dua to overcome loneliness: “Qaala La Takha Fa Innani Ma Aa Kuma Asma Oo Wa Araa”

No matter what is the reason behind your loneliness, the dua to overcome loneliness will bring your mind and heart at ease. Recite the dua for at least 500 times daily and pray to the Almighty to mend your broken heart and heal your mind. Certainly, your heart will find peace in it and you will be at rest. The dua will connect you with Allah Talah and surely the Almighty will acknowledge your pain and distress and Insha allah, very soon all the grief will go away from you. Indeed, in time it will permanently cure your mind, soul and body.

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