Dua to Marry Someone you Love but Parents are Objecting

Dua For Marrying Someone You Love

Dua For Marrying Someone You Love

Dua To Marry Someone You Love but parents are objecting; No one is more privileged than the person who gets to marry the love of his/ her life. Yes, it is a blessing on its own. Not everyone is lucky enough to earn the lifelong companionship of their lover. However, the procedure is not simple. And you need to do a lot to earn this. Apart from taking care of all worldly things, you should make dua for marrying someone you love and Insha Allah, the Almighty will give you the best results for your sincerity and commitment.

If you are attached to someone and you only want to spend the rest of your life with that person, then you should recite dua to marry someone you love. And soon you will see things shaping for you. That person will eventually enter your life and soon become your life partner. Yes, it is not a fairy tale. If you are ready to recite the with a true heart and real commitment, then the Almighty will open several ways for you and you will have things your way.

Dua For Marrying Someone You Love

Dua For Getting Married To Someone You Love

Sometimes marrying someone you love involves a lot of obstacles and risks. But if you are determined to marry that person, then you should be ready to face the challenges too. Don’t worry! The dua for immediate marriage to someone you love will clear out all the obstacles from your path. And make it a simple affair for you. Things will fall in your favor and your parents and society will not create any problems for you. All you have to do is get from our molvi sahib and he will offer you all the support you need. Insha Allah, you will be successful in your motive.

If there is someone special in your life whom you want to make your partner then a beautiful dua for someone special is the best remedy in this regard. The dua will give you miraculous results and will speed up your marital proceedings. If you cannot wait for a single day and want to be with your special one as soon as possible, then dua for getting married to someone you love will definitely serve your purpose well. It will fill your life with the love of the special someone you desire.

“Subhanaka La Ilaha Illa Anta Ya Rabba KUlli Shaiyin Wa Wariz Huwa”

  • Recite this dua give above 21 times.
  • And then recite Surah Fatiha 11 times and blow on some sweet.
  • Then present it to your crush to eat.

Islamic Dua to Marry Someone You Love but Parents are Objecting

Do you like someone and have made up your mind to marry him/her? Does that person have no knowledge that you want to marry him/her? Do you want to send a

marriage proposal somewhere specific and want it to get accepted? Well no matter what the situation is the dua to marry someone you love but parents are objecting to will help you out. The dua will create mutual feelings in the heart of that person and he/ she will readily agree to marry you.

Love is a special kind of feeling which can grow in anyone’s heart. However, it is not compulsory that if you love someone then that person will also love you. But with the help of dua to get married to a specific person you want, you can definitely create similar feelings in that person. If you want to marry someone and you cannot express your desire, then the dua will help you in achieving the desired results. It will make the other person propose to you for marriage and soon you two will be together. Even if there is a lot of difference in status or caste between you two, then also the person and his/ her family will agree for you.

Dua to Marry Someone You Love but parents are objecting

Some Advice Before you Perform Immediate Marriage Dua

Islam gives you the freedom to marry anyone you like, but with two conditions. You shouldn’t forcibly marry them and that person should be a Muslim. When you fulfill both conditions, then you can easily marry. The dua to convince someone you want will help you in marrying your chosen life partner. No doubt, marrying someone you like is no less than fantasy. But you can definitely live your fantasy if you practice the dua with purity in your heart and firm determination.

If there are problems in your marriage or the person you want to marry doesn’t want to marry you, then dua to marry someone you love will change their heart. Insha Allah, they will gradually develop feelings for you and will agree to marry you. The Quran has all the solutions for you. It is up to you to find them and practice them to get the desired results. If you perform the dua to marry the person you want as directed, then you can turn the situation in your favor.

If you don’t have the knowledge of the Quran and Hadith, then you can get the details of the dua to convince someone you want from our molvi sahib. He will give you desired dua and directions to perform it. If you are terrified that your lover may get married somewhere else, then keep making the dua. And Insha Allah, the Almighty will bestow you with it. Never lose faith in the mercy of Allah Talah for everything is under his control. Also, make sure that you are punctual with your namaz and you don’t do anything against Islam.

Dua To Get Married To A Specific Person

Dua To Marry The Person You Want

  • Make ablution and sit somewhere alone.
  • The dua should be performed at night, once you are done with all the work.
  • Recite Surah Al-Kafiroon 101 times and then recite Surah Fatiha 11 times
  • Recite “Ya Wadoodoo Ya Lateefu” 300 times
  • Then make dua to Allah talah to bless you and help you marry someone you want.
  • Then go to bed and keep your face towards Qiblah.
  • Insha Allah in a time period of 21 days, you will be able to marry the person you want.

If you need any further info about it then contact our molvi sahib.

Dua To Marry The One You Love

Insha Allah, in no time, your crush will also fall for you and you both will be together. If the procedure takes more than a week, then re-do it. Always recite the dua with full positivity and faith. Without your belief, your dua will never work. So, ensure that your wishes will definitely manifest after you have performed the dua.

If you are looking for your true love and you want the affection of your soul mate, then the beautiful dua to marry the one you love is the best remedy for you. It will attract your soul mate to you. Your real love with himself, herself come searching for you and Insha Allah, soon the two of you will be together. If there is someone whom you want to attract, then also you can recite the beautiful dua to marry the one you love. It will attract that person towards you and that person will develop mutual feelings for you. You can also consult our molvi sahib if you are looking for some personalized help.

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