Dua to Make My Husband Love Me Again


Dua To Make My Husband Love Me Again

Every wife wants her husband always to be loyal and loving. She wants her husband to love her, pamper her and care for her. However, not all husbands are romantic and caring. They may not give their wives good love and care. Have you made all the efforts and been patient for a long time, but still your husband is ignoring you? In this case, you should read dua to make my husband love me again.

How to perform this Dua To Make My Husband Love Me Again :

  • First, you need to do Wudu.
  • Now, say any 10 names of the most powerful God, Allah SWT.
  • Take the shirt your husband wears every day in your hand.
  • Then say the above “Dua to make your husband love you” 101 times.
  • Last, blow on the shirt and ask Allah SWT to help you with all your problems.
  • Do this Dua every day for 15 days after every Salah.
  • This dua will fix any problems between you and your husband in 15 days.

This Islamic dua to make my husband love me again is the answer to the question of how to make my husband to love me again. If you are a woman who often wonders “how do I make my husband love me again”, then try the Islamic prayer for my husband. This dua will bring love, respect, care, and understanding to your relationship and resolve all your marital problems. 

Dua To Make Your Husband Love You

Dua to Make Husband Love Me and Think of MeIs your husband under the influence of your in-laws? Do you think a third person is interfering in your marriage and washing your husband’s mind? You should seek instant help of dua to make your husband love you or dua to make my husband love me again listen and think of you.

Insha Allah, no third person or any influence will be able to divert your husband’s mind against you. He will be totally into you and will do anything and everything for your happiness. The dua to make your husband love you or dua to make my husband love me again will be a boon for you to bring your husband totally in your control.

Performing this dua to make your husband love you will yield favorable results in a short period.

Here is the dua to make your husband love you-

  • Make ablution and sit in a lonely place.
  • Recite Durood Shareef thrice and then Surah Yaseen.
  • Recite Surah Rehman once.
  • Then perform Ayat-ul-Kursi 313 times.
  • Now make dua to Almighty Allah Talah to make your husband love, listen and do everything as per your wish.
  • Insha Allah, once the dua has been performed for 21 days, you will start noticing changes in your partner.

If you don’t notice any changes in him in this period, then come to our Molvi sahab instantly for customized help.

How To Make Dua To Make Your Husband Love You More

A lot of women have a fear of losing their husbands to another woman. The lack of love and communication in marital bond can create distances between spouses. If you are a married woman who feels distant from her husband might feel the need to make him love me again.  

She would want to know how to make your husband love you more through Islamic prayers. We are now going to tell you how to read the prayer for husband to love me again. You should follow the steps mentioned below to make your husband fall in love with you again.  

  • Begin with performing fresh ablution and complete your daily namaz.  
  • After any of the namaz, begin reciting this verse: “Hasbuun Allahoo wa ni`mal wakil”. 
  • Recite this at least hundred times.  
  • Continue to perform this ritual until you observe a change in your husband’s heart and behavior.

Here Are The Steps To Follow For Wazifa To Make My Husband Love Me Again :

  • First perform the isha prayer.
  • Create a sweet meal with clean hands.
  • And then recite “Innahoo fakkara wa qaddar” fifty one times.
  • Finally, blow on the dessert and serve it to your husband to make him love you again.

You can get in touch with an expert Islamic scholar who can guide you properly. Our Molvi Ji will be the best person to help you in this case. He will offer you the best solution as per your situation. Even if your husband is abusive towards you, make the dua to make the husband think of me with great patience and faith. Insha Allah, you will have the best results from the prayer for husband to love me again

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to make my husband to love me again?  

With the help of the Islamic prayer to make my husband love me again, you can bring back love in your married life. This prayer is highly effective in increasing the romance and physical intimacy between spouses. Women who have recited the wazifa for husband love have felt a huge positive change in their husband’s behavior.

What is the wazifa or dua for controlling husband?

The dua/wazifa for husband controlling is the Islamic dua to change husband’s controlling habits. Married women have also recited this dua. And wazifa for the purpose of controlling their spouse’s bad habits.

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