Dua to Make Husband Love Me and Think of Me

Dua to Make Husband Love Me and Think of Me

Dua to Make Husband Love Me

Every wife wants all of her husband. She wants her husband to love her, pamper her and care for her. However, not all husbands are romantic and caring. They may not give their wives sufficient love and care. If you have made all the efforts and been patient for a long time but still your husband has the same attitude towards you, then you should practice dua to make husband love me, listen me and think of me. The dua will bring love, respect, care and understanding in your relationship and will resolve all your marital problems.

A lot of married women are unhappy in their marriage because of the rude and arrogant behavior of their husbands. Though it is prohibited in Islam for a husband to behave harshly with his wife, but still if he does that then the wife should perform dua to make husband love me, listen me and think of me and change his perspective towards her. If your husband neglects you and doesn’t give you the position of a wife in his life, then this dua will definitely bring a change in him and he will be attentive and affectionate towards you.

In case your husband is under the influence of your in-laws or a third person is interfering in your marriage and washing out the mind of your husband, then you should seek instant help of husband love, listen me and think of me and Insha Allah, no third person or any influence will be able to divert your husband’s mind against you. He will be totally into you and would do anything and everything for your happiness. The dua will be a boon for you to bring your husband totally in your control.

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Dua To Make Husband Think of Me

If your husband is losing his interest in you and gaining somewhere else, then also the dua to make husband love me, listen me and think of me will give you relieve. It will make your husband think of you, miss you and get attracted towards you. He will withdraw all his interest from the other woman and come back to you.

He will fall in love with you all over again and will never leave you for any other woman. The dua is highly effective and has been known to yield favorable results in a short time period.

  • Make ablution and sit in a lonely place.
  • Recite Durood Shareef thrice and then Surah Yaseen
  • Recite Surah Rehman once
  • Then perform Ayat-ul-Kuris 313 times and make dua to Allah Talah to make your husband love you, listen to you and do everything as per your wish.
  • Insha Allah, once the dua has been performed for 21 days, you will start noticing changes in your partner.

If you don’t notice any changes in him in this time period, then come to our molvi sahib instantly for customized help.

It is essential that you get in touch with a renowned Islamic astrologer who can guide you with the right steps. Our molvi sahib will be of great help to you. He will offer you the best solution as per your situation. Do not worry! Even if your husband is abusive towards you then also make the, dua to make husband think of me with great patience and faith and Insha Allah, you will have the best results for you. Your husband will be a completely changed man and he will prove to be an ideal husband in the long run.

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