Dua To Convince My Husband Become A good Muslim

Dua To Convince My Husband Become A good Muslim

Islam isn’t just a religion, but a manner in which you should live your life, a way to handle your relationships, a style to earn your living. As a Muslim, Dua To Convince My Husband Become A good Muslim? it is obligatory for you to not just know the sunnah and farz of Islam but also to follow them in your daily life.

When you apply them in your day-to-day life, then only you become a good Muslim. You need to follow the rules of Allah Talah. And the teachings of our beloved Prophet Muhammad Sallal Laaho Alaihi Wa Sallam to become a true and good Muslim.

If you are not doing this, then you are just a Muslim by name and you will be treated as sinners on the Day of Judgment. If your spouse isn’t following the rituals and sunnah of Islam then it is your duty to bring him/ her on the right track. It is very important to prevent their heart. And soul from going astray. If your husband lacks knowledge, faith, or belief in Islam, then as a wife, you should recite dua to convince my husband to become a good Muslim. And change his perspective.

If after your marriage, you have found out that your husband gambles, drinks and is into all sorts of haram activities, then it is mandatory for you to bring him to the righteous path. You notice that your spouse indulges in haram activities. And he doesn’t fear the day of Judgment. So you should make him change his behavior. Educate him about the right things of Islam and rectify all the wrongs he has been doing. Surely it is not easy to do it but as a wife, it is your duty to do it.

Dua To Convince My Husband Become A Good Muslim

As a loving and caring wife, you would definitely want your husband to be in paradise with you. There is no wife who would want Jahannam for her husband. So, make sure you recite dua to convince your husband to become a good Muslim and do all the attempts to bring your spouse on the right path of Islam. Educate him about the sunnah of our beloved Prophet (S.A.W) (PBUH) and tell him about the afterlife. Insha Allah, he will give up all the bad deeds and come to the right track.

Dua To Convince My Husband

It will also fetch you a great position in the afterlife. Changing your partner and inculcating the right Islamic teachings and belief in him will give you great benefits in this life and hereafter. You need to do everything in your hand to make him change his bad actions. If you think that your husband is into women and adultery, then it is your duty to stop him from doing that. Make sure that he repents for all his sins and seeks forgiveness of Allah Talah for all the past sins. Once he repents truly for all his sins, Insha Allah, the Almighty will forgive him.

Without religion, a man can go nowhere! If you think that your husband was a pious man in the past, but with time something changed in him, then you should try to fix it. Spend time with him and change his thinking towards things. If he is on the path of being an atheist, then stop him from that. Make him believe in the Almighty and the Holy Quran. Recite the Quran in front of him and explain to him the verses. Insha Allah, with time, his belief will come back and he will become a good Muslim.

Dua To Convince My Husband

  • After reciting the namaz of Isha, continue sitting on the prayer mat in the namaz posture.
  • Keep some cardamoms in a glass of water.
  • Now think of your husband and concentrate cautiously.
  • Recite this below-given wazifa 131 times

Rabbana Hab Lana Min Az Wajina Wa Zurriyatina Kurrata Ai Yuni Waja Alana Lil Muttaqeena Imama

  • Recite Surah Nisa 5 times
  • Recite Surah Falaq 5 times
  • And then blow on your husband and then on the water.
  • Use the water to cook for your spouse
  • Perform the dua for 1 month and Insha Allah, you will witness changes in him.

If you are really bothered because of what your husband has turned into, then you should approach our molvi sahib for it. He will give you the right dua to convince my husband to become a good Muslim and Insha Allah, it will change your husband for the best. It will bring him on the right path and make him follow Islam religiously. It is your duty to bring your spouse on the right track if he has been lost. With your care and energy, you will be able to make him acknowledge the reality of his existence. And soon he will become a better Muslim. It is your taqwa that will restore his taqwa. So make sure you are a firm believer!

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