Powerful Dua For Victory Over Enemy

Dua For Victory Over Enemy

This dua for victory over the enemy is very helpful in saving you from your enemy. Sometimes because of our property, we make enemies. This dispute becomes so severe that our enemy wants to kill us so, that after our death our enemy can acquire our property.

The dispute of property is very dangerous because for a property our enemy is ready to kill us. In order to save us from such a situation, we can practice dua for victory over the enemy. For any doubts, you can directly call our molvi sahib.

  • Firstly the person performing this dua should make all necessary arrangements.
  • If anything goes wrong while performing this dua then the person who is performing this dua should have to face a lot of difficulties.
  • That is why before performing this dua all necessary information should be taken from Islamic books.
  • Firstly make a fresh wuzu.
  • After that read Durood e Ibrahim 5 times.
  • Then read Dua for an enemy to die Tabbat Yada.
  • Read this dua 265 times.
  • After that take a glass of Sharbat.
  • Then read Pehla Kalma for 100 times.
  • After that drink half glass of Sharbat.
  • After that read sixth Kalma 50 times.
  • Then throw the remaining glass of sharbat outside your house.
  • After that read Second Kalma 5 times.
  • After that read Sana 2 times.
  • Perform this dua for 11 days.

Dua For Enemies To Be Destroyed

Dua For Enemies To Be Destroyed

Every person has an enemy in their life. You don’t want an enemy in your life but still due to some reason or fight you make someone your enemy. It is very difficult to deal with an enemy but still, you have to face it. Sometimes your enemy is so dangerous that it becomes very difficult to face him. In such a situation, you want to destroy your enemy completely. Dua for enemies to be destroyed will help you in doing this.

The biggest threat a person has from his enemy is about his family. Every person cares about his family and his children. A person can tolerate his pain but he cannot tolerate the pain of his family and his children. Your enemy knows your weakness. He knows if he can cause harm to your family and children it will be more painful for you.

You cannot see your loved ones in trouble. In order to save your loved ones, you can go to any limit. A person should recite this dua for enemies to be destroyed should be performed alone. It is a very special dua which is why the person performing this dua should be very careful.

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