Dua for Protection of Family

Dua for Protection of Family

Are you afraid that your family be harmed or hurt due to any mishap from seen and unseen things of the world? Do you far that any black magic, jinn or evil eye may hurt or harm your family? Do you wish to keep them secure in the refuge of Allah Subhana Wa’ Tala? Do you want to keep your family safe and sound from all the known and unknown troubles? Well, we can help you keep your family secure by giving you the dua for protection of family.

We welcome all our Muslim brothers and sisters to our website. It is an honor for us to serve brothers and sisters and help them take benefit of the Holy Quran and hadith of our beloved Mohammad SAW (pbuh). We know how much you care about your near and dear one and thus we endeavor our best to help all our visitors get immediate relief in the best possible way. You have a lot of dua for protection of family in Quran from shaitan, their enemies, evil eyes and jinn. But, because of lack of knowledge people fail to acknowledge it.

However, we have an intent to help all our brothers and sisters and educate them the right way to keep their family members secure from all mishaps and problems. You can practice dua for protection of family and keep them in the refuge of Allah Talah. Our astrologer possesses intense knowledge of the dua for protection against jinn, shaitan, evil eyes and enemies. And, he has helped a lot of people with it. So, if you feel that your family is under some kind of negativity and you have a threat from your enemy, jinn, evil eye or black magic, then the dua for protection of family will serve your purpose in the best way.

The dua for protection of family 

            “Bismillahi Ala Deeni Wa Nafsi Wa Waladi Wa Ahli Wa Mali”

You should practice the dua for protection of family three times in the morning before leaving your house and three times in the evening. Insha Allah, your family will safe from all the miseries, problems, troubles of the world. However, some of the things to consider when you practice the above mentioned dua are:

  • Try to keep your house clean and tidy with all the impurities.
  • Make sure all the members of the family practice the obligatory prayers of the day.
  • Make sure every member of the family recites Quran once a week.
  • Prohibit from indulging in haram activities like gambling, smoking and zina.

Insha Allah, the dua will protect you and your family from jinn, black magic, evil eyes and satanic acts. Have utmost faith in the Almighty and soon you will see the positive impact of the dua on your life. The dua is extremely powerful and will safeguard you from all possible threats. It will help your family stay happy, secure, close to Allah and protected. No matter what scares you, ask for help from no one but Allah!

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