Dua For Protection From Calamities and Snake


Do you reside somewhere near calamity prone area? Does your garden or house attract too many snakes to the house? Do you think that you and your family members are not secure at home? Well, then you need to seek refuge in the light of Allah Subhana Wa’ Tala. And, we would do our best to help you keep you and your house safe with our dua for protection from calamities and snake.

As Salam Alay Kum, We welcome our Muslim brothers and sisters to our website. We take sheer pride in bringing happiness, calmness and satisfaction to the lives of the people through the words of holy Quran and teachings of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) (pbuh). We understand how much you care about your family and you could do anything to keep them safe and sound. However, can anything preserve you from natural calamities?

Dua For Protection From Calamities

Well, no one but the Almighty and thus, with the intent to educate you and provide you the shelter and guidance of Allah Talah we have launched this website for your help. We offer all dua for safety and protection. We provide you with an Islamic solution to all your problems. And, Alham Du Lillah, very soon you get its benefits. The dua for protection from corona virus is one such dua which safeguards you from all corona problems.

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Dua For Safety and Protection

Our Maulana sahib holds complete knowledge of the dua for protection from illness and he has helped a number of visitors with it. So, if you are in desperate need of a dua to secure you from natural calamities, then get in touch with him.

One of the duas for protection from calamities and snake is “Allah Humma Inni Auzu Bika Min Zawali Ni’matika Wa Ta Hawwuli Afiyatika Wa Fu Ja’ati Nik Matika Wa Ja’mii Sakhatika

Dua For Safety and Protection

If you feel that you are in any kind of trouble or danger or some natural calamity is soon going to come to your place, then you should practice this dua as many times as you can and keep praying to Allah Talah to save you, your family and your house from its impact. Its extreme power will prevent the calamity from hurting you. Insha Allah, if you practice dua for protection from illness with firm belief, dedication and piousness, then very soon you will get positive results from it and you will be secure.

The dua for protection from calamities and snake has been taken from the holy Quran. They are words of Allah Talah and hence nothing can stand against it. No calamity or snake has the order to harm you if you are using the dua for protection from them with great devotion. It will keep your life, family and home happy, secure and protected. So, without wasting a single minutes, start practicing the dua for protection from snake and calamities now and seek refuge from Allah. Indeed, He will give you everything you ask for, provided you have the right intent.

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