Dua For Love From Husband – How To Control Husband Mind By Dua

dua for love from husband

Dua For Love From Husband

Dua For Love From Husband; When two human beings perform marriage, they start a new life and their whole life changes. The life which they use to live before marriage completely changes after marriage. Before marriage a person spend his/ her life alone. After marriage it is the duty of both man and woman to satisfy each other. It takes time to adjust yourself according to your partner. In this adjustment wife needs to adjust herself more as compared to the husband.

Islam has given equal rights to both husband and wife. But people have changed this completely. World has made husband more superior in comparison of wife. This is not right but this has become the reality of today’s world. Many husbands think that they are superior from their wife. They start torturing their wives. They make the lives of their wives very difficult. In such case wife can go for the option of Dua for love from husband.

dua from love from husband

If wife will not get love from her husband then it will be very difficult for her to live her life with her husband. In most cases we see that husbands don’t love their wives. A woman leaves everything for you after marriage. She leaves her family, her friends, her house everything just for her husband. In return she gets rude behavior from her husband. This is not right. Nobody deserves a treatment likes this.

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How To Control Husband Mind By Dua

This is the basic reason why most wives are committing suicide these days. They give up their lives because of this. Islam never gives permission for suicide. Rather Islam gives solution if wife is dealing with such problem. how to control husband mind dua is one such solution which is provided by Islam.

This is a very effective dua. Wife needs to perform it very carefully. The dua for love from husband should be performed in the night. While performing everything should be arranged properly in the correct manner.

Control Husband Mind By Dua

The best gift that any wife can get is that she is able to control her husband. It is a wish that every woman has in her heart. But this does not happen in the real world. It is not easy to control husband. Very few wives are able to do so.

A wife wants that her husband should fulfill her every desire, whatever she wants her husband should provide her the same thing. In order to control her husband wife can perform how to control husband mind by dua  which is done like this-

Dua to keep husband in Control

  • Firstly wife should make a fresh ablution.
  • After that wife should read Surah Kais for 25 times.
  • Then wife should read this Dua to keep husband in control-“ Subhana Rabbiyal Alaa”.
  • Read this dua for 96 times.
  • After that she should take any cloth of her husband.
  • After that she should read Dua e Maghfirat for 6 times.
  • After that she should take a bottle of Itr.
  • After that she should read Durood e Ibrahim for 7 times.
  • Then she should blow her breath on that bottle of Itr.
  • Then pour some Itr on your husband cloth.
  • Then read Surah Ikhlaas for 2 times.
  • After that wife should touch the cloth of her husband three times.
  • After that make your husband wear that cloth for at least 1 hour.
  • Then read Surah Hamza for 1 time.
  • After your husband take out that cloth read Surah Fatiha for 2 times.
  • Then read Sana for 5 times.
  • Perform this for 1 day.

For any doubts regarding the dua to keep husband in control you are free to call our molvi sahib anytime. He will definitely give you the best possible help.

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