Dua To Control Husband Mind and Keep Husband In Control

Dua To Control Husband Mind and Keep Husband In Control

Dua For Control Husband

Do you feel abandoned in your own house? Does your husband treats you badly and doesn’t let you intervene in any of the home decisions? Is your partner always suspicious about your whereabouts? Do you want to get a good and righteous spouse for you, who can understand you? Well, if you are looking for an Islamic remedy to bring your hubby in your control so that you can have a better life with him, then it is suggested that you perform dua for control husband. It will change his very perspective about things and he will be the husband you have always wanted.

Dua For Control HusbandIf your hubby has a doubting nature and he doubts everything you do and treats you badly because of his suspicions then the dua for controlling your husband’s mind will be of great help to you. It will change this pathetic nature of your partner and he will start behaving with you normally. If your spouse doesn’t trust your good intentions and never takes any suggestions or advice from you for his matters, then keep practicing the prayer to witness the big change in his character. He will be a different man and will deeply involve you in all the matters.

Dua To Control Husband Mind

Often husbands become disloyal and they give up on their wives. If your partner is planning to leave you and live with another woman, then dua to keep your husband in control is the best remedy for you. It will make your spouse come back to you and leave the other woman. Your husband will be very much in your control and will resist cheating on you. So, without any issue or doubt in this just start practicing it from today onwards and see the amazing result it brings to you.

If your spouse is into illegal stuff like drinking, gambling, and drugs and you want him to leave all these bad habits and live a good life with you, then you can recite dua to keep your husband in control, and Insha Allah, your husband will give up these habits. He will transform into a good partner and will never indulge in such activities. It is very important to take serious steps to stop your spouse from such activities. It will make him a better man and help him in this life and hereafter.

You can find the procedure of the dua from our molvi sahib. Trust me, with his wisdom and guidance you will get the most suitable Quranic Islamic remedy for your matter. Insha Allah, things will gradually turn as you have always wanted. If your husband doesn’t give you love and respect in marriage and he treats you badly and you want to get control over him, then there is nothing bad about it. Just share your woes with our molvi sahib and he will give you the best help possible in this regard.

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Dua To Keep Husband In Control

So read the dua to control the husband mind in the following way:

  • After performing the namaz of Maghrib, you can perform this dua.
  • Keep some fresh roses in front of you and recite this dua 51 times and blow on them.
  • Perform it for 3 days continuously and keep the flowers near your husband daily.

“Allah Humma Tahisa Alaiya Absara Zalimatihi Wal Murideena Bis Sui Wa An Tasrifa Kulu Buhum An Sharri Ma Yazmiru Nahu Ila Khairi La Yamlikuhu Gairika”

Insha Allah, the dua will bring your partner in complete control of you and he will listen to everything you say. Remember it is only to be performed by a spouse for their partner.

Often husbands are purely in control of their mothers and they do everything which their mothers say and torture their wives. If your husband is one of them, then you can always change your condition by performing dua to control your husband’s mind. It will free them from their mother’s control and they will take an unbiased decision. The dua will definitely make your partner see your side too and he will stop treating you badly. Apart from that, if your spouse has been under the influence of any third person, then this magical prayer will bring him into your control and he will stop listening to the third person.

For those wives who are really troubled by the bad behavior, poor lifestyle or negative perspective of their husband, they can pretty much use this dua for their benefit. However, make sure you don’t use it for any negative purpose or it may backfire. Never try to control your husband for anything wrong, say troubling your mother-in-law or asking for money irrationally. This is not the right intention to make this dua. So, avoid making dua for this purpose. Apart from this, the dua is very powerful and will give you immediate results.

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