Dua for Hair Growth in Quran – Dua For Hair Loss

Dua for Hair Growth In Quran In today’s time when each one of us is malnourished, we are bond to face hair loss and poor hair growth. Hair problems have become so common nowadays. Every 1 in 3 person is seen to experience hair loss. No matter, you are a man or woman; hair problems … Read more

Very Quick Effective Duas For All Problems To Go Away

Dua For Problems To Go Away

Dua For Problems To Go Away Nobody has a perfect life. It is your approach that helps you to deal with every issue. Often a lot of people panic when they see a problem coming to them. Well, you shouldn’t panic rather show faith in Allah Talah and have the belief that if He has … Read more

Surah Kausar Dua For Baby Boy – Surah Kausar Benefits in English

Surah Kausar For Baby Boy

Surah Kausar For Baby Boy After marriage, every couple wants to parent a child. While some couples get this happiness in the first year only, some face complications. The surah of the Holy Quran for getting pregnant can have a miraculous effect on a couple’s life. So, if you want Allah Talah to bless you … Read more

Dua for Health and Wealth and Long Life

Dua for Health and Wealth If you wish to know the importance of health, then ask someone who has been sick for years. If you really don’t know why people say “health is wealth” then literally you are not aware of the significance of health which Allah talah has blessed you with. Health is literally … Read more

Dua To Change Destiny – Dua To Get What You Want

Powerful Dua To Change Destiny

Powerful Dua To Change Destiny If you are constantly getting failures and bad news in your life and nothing seems to go good for you or if you are always facing problems and hurdles in everything you do, then there is seriously something wrong with your luck, destiny. If you are observing that things never seem to … Read more

Prayer for Heartbreak in Islam – Duas for Healing

Islamic Prayer To Heal A Broken Heart

Prayer for Heartbreak in Islam Are you feeling emotionally shattered? Are you depressed? Do you feel like staying alone most of the time? Do you wish to get rid of all the sadness? Well, this is the best platform for you to heal your broken. We can provide you with the best Prayer for Heartbreak … Read more

Dua For Peace of Mind and Soul

Dua For Peace Of Mind

Dua For Peace of Mind and Soul Want to revenge your enemies? Looking for a strong spell to punish someone who hurt you? want to get rid of your enemies on a daily basis? If you have suffered enough already. & if you want someone to pay back for what they have done to you, … Read more

Dua to Create Love in Husband Heart

Dua to Create Love in Someone Heart

Dua To Create Love in Husband Heart A husband who is always angry with you, every now and then. Or maybe try to find reasons to be away from you. or his ambitious nature or difficult job is keeping you two separate. But, you want to create deep love in his heart for yourself. Then, … Read more