Dua e Istikhara for Love Marriage

Dua e Istikhara for Love Marriage

Do you want to have a good marital life with your lover? Do you want to find out whether the person you have chosen for yourself is perfect to be your life partner or not? Do you wish to know how will your relationship be with your lover after marriage? Then, we welcome all our Muslim brothers and sisters here. Here we shall provide you the way to perform dua-e-istikhara for love marriage to find out the truth about your relationship. Surely you are unaware of the future, but the Almighty Allah isn’t!!!

As Salam Alay Kum,  Welcome to our portals, our Momin brothers and sisters! Often we hear that lovers are having second thought about their marriage and they are in a dilemma whether they should proceed for marriage or not. Well, there is a way to know the truth about the future of your love. The dua e istikhara for love marriage is the most recommended method to find out whether your lover will prove to be your true life partner or not. Many people do not use it and end up making a mistake in choosing the right partner for them. Whether you are doing arrange marriage or love marriage, you can use dua-e-istikhara for both of them.

It is one of the best Islamic procedures to help you find out whether a person chosen by you is accurate for you or not and the guidance is given by the writer of the fates, the most beneficent and merciful, Allah Subhana Wa’ Tala. Very often you may take your marriage decisions in haste and end up making a blunder. Thus, we advise not to play with your life and choose a person with whom you have just spent few days of your life as girlfriend/ boyfriend. Rather seek guidance of Allah Talah and get signs with regard to your marriage by practicing dua e istikhara for love marriage.

Surely it will help you in making the right decision. Use the istikhara dua to find out whether the person you love so dearly is compatible with you in the long run or not. Do he/ she possess the abilities to be your husband/ wife or not? Indeed, all your queries will be answered through signs and signals in dream or reality and you will be able to make the right decision.

How to do dua-e-istikhara for love marriage?

The procedure for dua-e-istikhara for love marriage:

  • Make fresh ablution.
  • Recite two rakat namaz-e-nafil.
  • Now recite this dua thrice.

“Allah Humma Khir Li Wa Khrar Li”  The dua means “Oh Allah, choose for me”!

Recite this dua and pray to Allah Talah to guide you with the right decision and make you choose nothing but what’s right for you.

Insha Allah, in no time you will realize what is good for you and whether you should choose your lover as your marriage partner or not. In case, you have any query related to the dua-e-istikhara or its procedure, our experienced astrologer is always there to help you out. Dua e Istikhara for Love Marriage

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